Eye Shadow Tips To Make your Eyes Sparkle

Your eyes are like the lights on your face. When you switch them on, they speak of your heart, and when you keep them dull, they hide everything that you cook up inside you mind.

Eyes have long been used to convey our messages to the world, when we don’t feel like talking. Eyes are even used to mislead people when we are in a mischievous mood.

Every eye speaks, be it naturally big and expressive or small and cold. Those who are blessed with beautiful eyes naturally may feel blessed, but those who aren’t, can make their eyes speak more strongly with highlighting their eyes in various ways.

Applying eye shadow of proper tone is an excellent way of highlighting your eyes. There are a lot of shades available in the market from which you can choose the right one for your eyes. But before applying shadow, you must prepare your eyelids with a suitably toned primer. This prepares the canvas on which the shadow both in powder and cream form can be applied easily.

Now when it comes to choose right shade, you should always keep in mind your complexion and eye colour. If you are a beginner, you can try with shades of brown as this looks good on everyone. You have to choose three different shades of the same color and apply the darkest on the crease, the medium on the eyelid and the lightest on the brow bone.

Use a fine brush to apply the color, and with finger tips merge the border lines of the shades with each other so as to give it a continuous but gradient look. For a daytime look, neutral shades should be of preference, as it gives you a soft sober look. To get a fabulous fun look, you can experiment with colors depending on your skin tone and eye color.

For example, brown eyes with fair complexion looks great with blue and pink tones as well as gold and burnt oranges. Brown skin tones support light pinks, tans, or even greens. For green eyes, shades of browns and lavender are the best. Blue eyes can be complemented with a much darker shade and for them brown hues work best.

Tired, puffy eyes can be lifted up by using neutral colors like beige, taupe on the top lid and a pale shade of white/ivory just below the brow line. For small eyes, use light base shadow like a pale pink, yellow, cream or taupe on your lids. This makes your eyes look bigger.

Play and experiment with colors and shades to make your eyes more expressive, who knows which combination you come across, giving you the look that best complements your personality!

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