Eye Makeup To Suit Each Eye Shape

Eye shape determines to a large extent the type of eye make that a woman should apply. Depending on the physical shape of the eye, you can decide whether you have been endowed with almond, round or oval shaped eyes.

The placement of your eyes can also determine your eye makeup. Depending on their placement, eyes are normally categorized as hooded, wide-set, prominent, deep-set or close set.

For the classic almond eyes, false eyelashes, winged eyeliner and bright eye shadows can be used to enhance the beauty of the eyes. For women bestowed with round eyes, eyeliners in dark colors which extend beyond the outer corners of the upper eyelids and eye shadows in medium shades which make the eyes appear longer can be used.

For oval eyes, use eye make up in a way which will give the eyes the illusion of appearing larger. Apply eyeliners very thinly for oval shaped eyes. Hooded eyes have a permanently sleepy look. For this particular eye shape apply a light highlight shade for the eye lids followed by a darker eye shadow color. Also contour the eyes to give it a sweeping upward look and definitely use eyeliners to give the eyes greater definition.

For wide set eyes, use a lighter shade of eye shadow for the area covering the inner corner to the middle of the eyelids and a darker shade thereafter. Here eye makeup should be applied in a way which will make the eyes appear closer.

For women with closed-set eyes the aim is to create a makeup style which gives the illusion of greater space between the eyes. A lighter shade of mascara is recommended on the inner lashes and a darker shade for the outer lashes. Similarly the eye shadow color should increase in intensity as you work from the inner to the outer corners of the eyelids.

For women with prominent eyes the makeup used should create the feeling that the eyes are receding instead of bulging. For this darker shadow should be applied at the base of the lids and near the lash line. For deep set eyes apply makeup which will make the eyes appear more prominent.  To achieve this apply a lighter eye shadow shade in the middle and inner corners of the eyelids and a darker shade just below the sockets.

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