Eye Makeup To Enhance Your Eye Color

The right kind of eye makeup can enhance the beauty of your eyes. Some of the common eye colors are blue, green, hazel, brown and black or dark brown. By focusing on your unique eye color and choosing the corresponding eye make up, you can not only enhance your natural eye color but can also create a stunning look. Never choose eye makeup which is the exact shade of your natural eye color as it will make your eyes appear dull and monochromatic.

Blue Eyes:

If you are a blue eyed beauty then choose eye shadows in shades of purples and blues. Beiges, chocolates and taupe eye shadow shades will also look good on you. If you are aiming for that smoky eyed look then go in for shades like blacks, charcoals and pewter colors.

Eyeliners in shades of taupe, soft brown, gray, medium blue as also copper, deep gold and bronze will go well with blue eyes. Brownish black and jet black mascara is ideal for individuals blessed with blue eyes.

Brown Eyes:

If you have alluring brown eyes then eye shadows in shades of soft pinks, rich plums, glittering caramels, luscious apricots and light champagnes along with khaki greens, browns, bronzes and copper shades are ideal for you.

Dark brown, charcoal gray, soft black as well as navy blue and light gray eyeliner colors can make your eyes look stunning. Black and brown mascara shades are ideal for women blessed with brown eyes.

Green Eyes:

If you have those mysterious green eyes then enhance their color with eye shadows in shades of peaches, soft purples, taupes and muted plums. Khakis, warm apricots and dark green eye shadows will also go well with green colored eyes.

Deep gold, forest green along with pewter, purples and soft reddish brown eyeliners are ideally suited for you.Mascara in shades of forest green, brown or brownish black can be used by women with green eyes.

Hazel Eyes:

Eye makeup which is applied for green colored eyes is ideally suited for hazel eyed beauties as well.

Very Dark Brown or Black Eyes:

Navy, charcoal browns and plums are the ideal eye shadow colors and eyeliners in charcoal gray, dark black, navy and dark plum shades can also be applied. Soft dark black mascara is ideal for this particular eye color.

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