Eye Makeup To Enhance The Natural Shape Of Your Eyes

smoky-eye-thumb Using eye makeup to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes gets trickier, considering the different eye shapes. If the regular eye makeup application doesn’t seem to work wonders for you, then here’s how you can perk up your eyes using tricks to enhance and bring forward the natural shape of your eyes.

Small eyes

With small eyes, your basic objective is to make them look bigger so you must avoid outlining the contours of the eye. It is best to use a shimmer based eye shadow as the base on the upper eyelid. As for the highlighting part use eyeliner along the upper lashes instead of using some dark Eye shadow. You can even stretch the eyeliner to elongate your eyes.

Protruding eyes

The matte textured eye shadows are definitely more preferred over the shimmer ones, because the shimmer will make your eyes to protrude even more. And at the time of blending just extend the Eye shadow shade, which you’ve used to mark the contours, to about halfway down from the crease up to the lashes. And finally curl up your lashes to make the bulge disappear.

Mature eyes

Here you need to be a little choosy about the Eye shadow shade that you will be using, and for best results you should look for soft and lighter base shades as well as the highlighters.  You should stick to wearing the Eye shadow only on the upper eyelid, and not overextending it to the sides or applying any to the lower eyelid. For a final touch leave aside the usual black eye mascara and go in for some brown or gray shade.

Wide set eyes

Wide set eyes become more of a problem when your eyes are particularly small. To begin with mark a shading line on the crease, as close to the inner corner as possible. However, you must avoid all deliberate attempts to make your eyes seem closer by using some dark Eye shadow shades on the inner corners. At the time of filling in the Eye shadow, try not to step out of the naturally defined borders of your eyelids.

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Sidharth Thakur