Eye Makeup Tips To Reveal Your Hidden Beauty

Not everyone is blessed with gorgeous eyes that will look great even without makeup. For the majority, the cosmetic market is a boon in terms of the various options available to beautify their eyes.

If you have stocked up on eye makeup and are not too sure as to how to use it effectively, the following tips on applying eye makeup will help you reveal your hidden beauty.

Tip #1: Define Your Eyebrows:

Your eye makeup will look more sophisticated when you have well-defined eyebrows. You can enhance the beauty of your eyes by waxing or tweezing excess hair and then setting your brows with a comb. Follow up with brow highlighter that is half a shade lighter than the natural color of your hair so as to draw attention to your eyes even more.

Tip #2: Use The Right Base:

In order to retain eye makeup throughout the day, make use of base products. It’s recommended that you apply the base before applying the primary eye makeup. After the base dries completely, apply eyeliner and eye shadow. You can also use a dab of foundation or a light shade of eye shadow to blend the base and get the right shade.

Tip #3: Choose The Right Colours:

Choose your eye makeup colours depending on your eyes and skin complexion. For example, blue, light pink, smoky grey tones, dark brown, black and white may suit those who have brown eyes. Use colours such as green, gray, blue or brown for smaller eyes. Larger eyes look good with deep and warm shades, such as black or dark brown.

Tip #4: Curl Your Lashes:

To highlight the effect of your eye makeup, work on your eyelashes. To do this, first curl your eyelashes and then follow this up with a single coat of mascara. If you are not familiar with using a lash curler, get expert advice first.

Tip #5: Use Eyeliner:

It’s important that you apply the right amount of eyeliner. If you apply too much of it your eyes may look small, and applying too little will be of no use. If you want your eyeliner to last longer, use mascara instead. To apply it, hold the corner of your eye up and use a thin eyeliner brush to apply a thin line on both eyelids. A blend of darker shades of gray or brown will give you the smoky eye effect.

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