Extreme Climate and Skin Care

With the onset of winter as the mercury levels drop and the chill becomes unbearable, your skin too experiences the distress as is experienced by the rest of your body. And similar is the distress that your skin experiences when summer arrives with the scorching sun and high temperatures. This extreme weather can cause a lot of damage to your skin, but some simple measures and precautions can easily take care of most of your skin problems.

Whatever is the season, UV rays protection is a must, so always apply a sunscreen which is high in SPF before you step out in the sun. If it is summers you will need the added protection of a hat to prevent your facial skin from getting scorched. In winters you can use a scarf around your face to protect your skin from the cold breeze which can excessively dry up your skin.

You can do your skin a lot of favor by avoiding frequent and sudden temperature changes, for instance when you return back from work on a cold winter day, don’t turn up your heating on full the moment you enter the house. Increase the heating gradually to allow your skin and body to adjust to the new temperature.

Moisturizer is your skin’s best friend; go generous with two applications a day and your skin will want to thank you for your kindness. Periodic use of nourishing and moisturizing face packs will help in relieving the stress caused by extreme climate. You can even make some face masks at home using herbs, yogurt, honey and fruits.

While all these efforts will show beneficial results in dealing with skin conditions resulting from extreme climates, what’s most important is to improve your system from within. That means having a proper and healthy diet which will provide you with ample nutrients to ward away most of the sicknesses resulting from extreme weather. And at the same time a fortified immunity system and good overall health will prevent your skin from becoming distressed due to the extreme heat or cold.

Sidharth Thakur