Exquisite Home Wall Decor Ideas

Exquisite Home Wall Decor Ideas

Exquisite Home Wall Decor Ideas While decorating your home, you carefully pay attention to every single detail to ensure that your personal haven becomes beautiful and at the same time, seems pleasant and inviting to the guests. You want every corner of your home to look like a piece of art.

To make your home literally feel like “home”, use your imagination and creativity and add personal touches to each and every aspect of your home. Let every single décor in your home speak about your decorative sense. Don’t shy and allow your imagination to flow freely.

One of the best places in a home to experiment and give free rein to your creative impulses is the walls. Walls make the largest surface in the house and leaving them empty can give a bland look to your home. You can use your walls to create the perception of space and liveliness by adorning your walls with innovative and exquisite wall décor. Give a special character to your living spaces with the interesting wall decoration ideas elaborated below.

Wall Paint

Painting the walls in colours that are in harmony with the overall elements in the living space, including the furniture, rugs, curtains, etc., dramatically enhances the worth of the blank face of the wall. Painting a wall in the colour of your choice can be easily accomplished using a roller.

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A single-coloured wall adds a touch of elegance to the entire living space. However, if you are game for experimenting with the wall paint, use two or more colours to paint the walls. Apply a base coat, preferably of a dark colour and randomly splatter a lighter shade on the entire wall. Or else get more innovative and use patterns all over the wall to add a funky touch to it.

Wallpapers and Textures

If you prefer to add texture to the walls in your home, flip through a book of wallpapers and adorn your walls with smart wallpapers with a linen or bamboo like design. Similarly a wall paper with a raised design can give the impression of depth to your walls. Textured paints are yet another good option if you wish to add liveliness to your walls.

Fabrics and Wall Hangings

To instil a sense of warmth to your living spaces, use fabrics on the walls. Fabrics can be used either way, as a decoration or merely as an accent. They can be easily hung on the wall using pushpins or starch. To add a little bling to the fabrics, use cut pieces of various designs and patch them up to create a collage. Or else pick an old canvas and use the fabric to cover the canvas so that it gives an impression of a painting.


Use your creative talent and improvise with artwork. For instance, instead of placing individual photo frames, use the entire gallery as a depiction of the memories by strategically placing multitude of photos in various frames of varying dimensions. Wall stickers are another good option to add brilliance to the walls.