Exercising During The First Trimester of Your Pregnancy

Whenever a woman becomes pregnant she is in a state of dilemma as to what all she must do and what all she mustn’t do, to ensure a healthy pregnancy. And one such area where a lot many women are confused is whether or not, to keep on with their exercise regimen, with the onset of pregnancy.

There is a common fallacy that women must avoid any most types of physical activities went they become pregnant. Now, we’re definitely not trying to say that you can continue with all the strenuous activities that you did earlier, but certainly there is no reason for you to stop exercising when you are pregnant.

At least for the first trimester, keeping on with your exercises is an absolute must. In fact if you haven’t been on an exercise regimen so far, then now is the time to get in some exercise into your daily routine.  However, since you are pregnant, you may have to reorganize your exercises to give up some of the strenuous ones and replace them with some milder exercises.

You’ll need to speak to your physician and your personal trainer to make changes to your exercising routine. In addition to the regular exercises your physician may recommend some flexibility and pelvic floor strengthening exercises, to be done during the first and the second trimester of your pregnancy. Pelvic muscle strengthening exercises will prove quite fruitful in preventing pre-term labor, miscarriage and in getting healthy contractions at the time of the delivery.

Here are some of the benefits of following a healthy exercise routine throughout the first trimester of your pregnancy.

Exercising helps in strengthening muscles, and thus letting you enjoy more control on your body. Strengthened muscles will also help you to carry the additional weight without much of a hassle.

With the onset of pregnancy, you may begin experiencing sleep problems, but exercising regularly makes sure that you enjoy a sound sleep every night.

Backache and constipation, which usually do surface up during pregnancy, can also be minimized with regular exercise.

As we all know exercising helps in increasing the blood supply to all our body parts, and during if you continue exercising with the same intensity during the first trimester, then your fetus will receive a good supply of blood and oxygen which in turn will mean a healthier baby at the time of delivery.

So don’t even think about giving up exercising all together, when you become pregnant, because exercising is more important than ever during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Sidharth Thakur