Exercise Benefits: Lose Weight and Bust Stress

Exercise is extremely important for good health. It not only helps you to maintain physical fitness but also keeps stress levels in check.

A few of the major problems that plague today’s society is obesity and stress. Recent research has shown that there is a strong link between obesity and stress.

Obese people are likely to suffer from stress and depression and those suffering from excessive stress tend to over eat, which in turn makes them turn obese. It is a vicious circle. Experts believe obesity and stress can be tackled together through exercise, which is appropriate to your body requirement. Discussed below are a few benefits of exercise.

  • Exercise helps release ‘feel-good’ hormones

Through regular exercise, your body decreases ‘stress hormones’ like cortisol and increase the levels of ‘feel-good’ chemicals called endorphins. This helps reduce stress and make you develop a positive attitude towards life.

  • Helps you distract yourself from stressful situations

When you exercise, your mind is engaged in the activity. This takes your mind off the problem that may have been causing you stress. To make the exercise sessions fun-filled, experts recommend people to engage themselves in their favourite activity such as swimming, walking, mountaineering and aerobics.

  • Exercise makes you look good

Regular exercise keeps your weight in check and tones your body. This makes you look good attractive. Your clothes look flattering and you develop more self-confidence. This helps to lower stress levels, especially in people who were stressed about their increasing weight.

  • Helps you develop social support

Exercise and physical activity often involve others. You develop friends and a social network in the process. This helps you to share your problems with others which reduce stress. Doing exercise with a friend also keeps your motivation levels up.

  • You develop resilience to stress

People who exercise regularly develop a positive attitude towards life. They are less likely to get affected by stressful situations. This helps you sail through the problems in life easily and successfully.

  • You feel more energetic

Unlike what you think, exercises don’t tire you out. In fact, after a good bout of running, jogging or spinning, you will feel recharged and ready to take on the world.

  • You become more positive

Ever felt a lingering negativity in your life; well, it is partly because of your physical health and partly because of your psychological health. Many people are able to remain positive even if the world around them is crashing down. This ability to be calm even when in a storm comes from exercising and other activities that bust stress.


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