Exciting Gifts for Expectant Mothers

Motherhood in itself is a great joy. An expectant mother feels many things. Sometimes, she gets worried about her appearance and weight gain and sometimes it’s the joy coupled with anxiety of bringing a new life to earth.

Most of the time, when we shop for expectant women the baby remains in focus and we buy them baby stuffs, which at times can make them feel left out. However, there are lots of other things that we can gift an expecting mother, and make her feel special.

During pregnancy, the mother has intense cravings for different types of foods. An ideal gift would be some foods that satisfy her taste buds. A gift basket with lot of goodies to satiate her cravings would be a perfect way to show her that you care for her. You can make such a basket at home by filling up a decorative basket with chocolates, cookies, nuts, fruits and juices that she likes.

A gift coupon or gift certificate for her to go to a parlor or saloon for her manicure, pedicure, hair and face and other beauty treatment would be a pleasant surprise for her. This will relax her and make her feel beautiful. You can gift a ticket to the spa, where she can enjoy a good massage. Or just have a masseuse come over to her place and pamper her body with a massage.

A romantic night out or a candle light dinner with the spouse will be a pleasant surprise for her.Most of the would-be mothers feel lack of attention during pregnancy as most of the talks around her is about her baby.

A night out would make her relaxed and less stressed.Even a movie together will also be a welcome idea.Once the baby is born, the mother may not get this chance. So book her and her spouse a table at some romantic restaurant or tickets to a movie.

Most women worry about their look and weight when they’re expecting.They feel they can’t look fashionable. You can always gift them fashionable maternity wear, which is made of stretchable material, so that it can accommodate the growing waistline. These days there are specialty stores which specialize in maternity wear.

You can also gift an expecting mother some nice footwear.Many expecting women complain about their feet getting swollen and their footwear not fitting them. Flats and reef sandals would be a comfortable alternative. Avoid heels as they can be dangerous for both the mother and the baby.

Sidharth Thakur