Every Day Skin Care For All Skin Types

skin-care Cleansing and moisturizing, on a daily basis, are the two most important things to keep your skin looking healthy. Both these skin care basic routines need to be customized keeping your particular skin type, in mind.

Normal skin

Women blessed with normal skin should consider themselves the luckiest, because this is one skin type which is the easiest to maintain. There’s not much that you need to be doing, and a regular face wash and a daily moisturizer application is all that’s needed to keep this skin type healthy and shining. A mild cleanser which is capable of removing everyday dirt buildup is quite sufficient.

Oily skin

Quite contrary to the skin type we just discussed, this skin type is the toughest battle to fight. With your skin producing more oil than is required, the oil buildup causes the pores to get blocked and from there begins a chain reaction of other skin problems such as pimples, blackheads and subsequent marks and blemishes.

Since, the problem of oily skin can lead to several other skin problems; it is desirable that you use products which are specifically formulated for this skin type, only. When washing your skin, using hot water is quite helpful in dissolving and removing some of the excess oil. And even though excess oil is a problem, moisturizing your skin is still important, but with just one care that the products used should be completely oil free.

Dry skin

Although this skin condition isn’t very challenging to deal with, you must still ensure proper skin care to avoid early development of wrinkles and fine lines. To cleanse your face, look for the mildest cleanser, and to keep your face hydrated go in for some deep moisturizing product. Preferably, you must carry a moisturizer with you all the time to keep repeating its application as and when the skin starts drying up.

Combination skin

Combination skin is when you have two different types of skin on your face that means some part of your face will be oily while the remaining may be dry. Usually the T-zone, which includes your forehead and your nose, is oily as compared to the rest of the facial skin. And obviously, you need to use different types of products to take care of each of these patches separately.

Sidharth Thakur