Eternity Ring – A Sign of Your Everlasting Love

This Valentines day, gift your girlfriend or wife an eternity ring as a sign of your eternal love.

Eternity rings are different from engagement or wedding bands. Eternity rings can be gifted to your loved ones on an anniversary or even on the birth of a child. In short eternity rings can be gifted to mark any special event and not for celebrating one particular occasion.

Make that special person in your life realize how important they are to you with a beautiful eternity ring. Eternity rings which signifies lifelong affection is also known as the diamond infinity rings, ‘dress’ wedding rings and diamond bands. The eternity rings are most commonly found with a simple unbroken band of diamonds.

The unbroken band of diamonds is a sign, of ones everlasting love and hence makes for popular gifts especially during special occasions like 25th wedding anniversary, or when one takes a relationship to the next level. This is one of the best tangible ways of expressing your love.

Eternity rings are available in different styles. You can make your choice between full and half eternity bands. Eternity rings are also available in different metals, stone settings and even shapes to suit individual preferences.

Half eternity bands feature stones on one side of the ring while a full eternity ring has an unbroken circle of precious stones. Half eternity rings are more popular than full ones as they can be resized at a later date. However full eternity rings are equally popular, because the stones are always visible, even if the ring rotates on the finger; which is not the case with half eternity rings.

While diamonds are the popular stone choice for eternity rings, one can buy eternity rings set with tanzanite, rubies, sapphires and emeralds.  Eternity rings with diamonds and other precious stones set in alternating patterns are considered a trendy jewelry item by young couples. One can even purchase an eternity ring featuring your partner’s birthstone.

Eternity rings are set with stones having emerald, round or princess cut. The stone size and cut in eternity rings are of a similar pattern. Common stone setting styles in eternity rings include channel, bezel, pave or figural settings. Common metals used in eternity rings include yellow gold, platinum, white gold and titanium. Eternity rings crafted from stainless steel are popular with young couples.