Enliven your Hair with Attractive Highlights and Low-lights

The latest trends are the highlight and low lights of hair; their popularity has only grown over the time.

If you darken your hair, it is called low lights and when you brighten the hair, you are highlighting it. While the highlights shed prominence and charm, the low lights present elegance and style.

You can have any hair length, color of hair or style of hair. Given the popularity of highlights and low lights of hair, there are many color options that you can go in for. If you are a brunette then the shades of red, plum and a blend of copper and gold are some of the trendiest highlights that you can consider.

If you have a pale skin, then avoid any darker shades as they will be a sharp contrast against your skin color and this might not give the right impact.

The highlights usually look the same indoors as well as outdoors because the hair color remains as it is. Always choose a shade that is two shades lighter than the original hair color to ensure that the hair looks attractive after the shades have been applied.

In case of low lights, the common hair color is a blend of copper and gold. If blond hair looks nice on you, then the chances are good that this combination will suit you because it does not mellow your hair color a lot.

If you want to opt for any other colors or shades like brown or red, then it is advisable that you check the hair shade on your head using the Photo-shop before applying the color.

It has been suggested that the hair at the back of the head should not be low lighted a lot because that tends to give an unnatural look especially in the sunlight. To avoid any chances, it is always safe to choose a color that is two shades darker than the original hair color. Adding this darker hue to the hair will make it much more attractive and appealing.

It is also suggested that if you are applying both highlights and low lights in the hair, then the ratio of highlights and low lights in the hair should be 3:1.