Enjoy Better Orgasms

orgasm-300x2051 When it comes to orgasm, most of the girls are a little greedy, and they’re willing to do just about any thing to experience more than one.

While you may curse yourself that you have to bear all the brunt of periods and childbearing, you must feel glad that women are bestowed with the ability to multiple orgasms, as against men.

However, when you ask women, nearly 40 percent of the women would say that they find it difficult to experience an orgasm, most of the time they have sex. So we thought of putting down some tips for you which will help you in increasing your chances of enjoying an orgasm or rather multiple orgasms, every time you have sex.

Identify the triggers for your orgasm

Every woman has her own internal dynamics to experiencing orgasm, and while some may experience orgasm only through penetration there are others who may experience orgasm even with oral sex. Now that’s what you need to identify what gives you a stronger orgasm.

It could be the way your man squeezes your butt, or the way he sucks at your breasts, it can be just about anything and it varies from woman to woman. Once you know your triggers your partner will be better able to help you with multiple orgasms.

Strengthen your PC muscles

These are the muscles found between the vagina and the anus, and if these muscles are strong you will be easily aroused, will have stronger contractions and will be able to experience longer and intense orgasms.

The best part is that training these muscles is within your reach. There are exercises known as Kegels, which help in developing the PC muscles. These are easy to do, can be done almost anywhere and these won’t take much of your time.

The strengthening of the PC muscles will also help you in what’s called as Peaking. Peking is about going on with sex till you’re just about to experience orgasm, then waiting a while to let the arousal defuse and then jumping in back into the game.

It helps in staying excited for a longer duration, and when you finally have an orgasm it will be more intense and more satisfying. Also, stronger PC muscles up your chances of experiencing multiple orgasms.