Emotional Infidelity

In almost every relationship there are certain rules about how to keep together your love and emotions and how to share your feelings and emotions with your partner, although unsaid and unwritten, keeping these rules to the side can buildup stress in the relationship.

But at times it may seem more comforting to talk to someone outside your relationship about your emotional dilemmas; simply because you feel there is a deeper emotional connection between the two of you. Even though it may seem perfectly fine to you, your partner might see it as emotional infidelity.

Emotional infidelity which is also sometimes understood as emotional adultery is the act of embarking on an emotional relationship to share intimate feelings with a person other than your partner. This situation gets even worse when you can’t get your thoughts away from that outsider and you have constant craving to spend more time with that person. The net effect of this is that your partner feels deprived of your emotional availability and slowly your relationship begins to fall.

This kind of emotional straying can arise due to almost any reason, like the two of you that is you and the outsider having something in common, or when your partner is not giving enough time to you or is away from home for long periods because of work. Whatever is the reason there is certainly some kind of emotional bonding between you and this outsider, and at times this can go on beyond the boundaries of friendship. All this will leaves your partner emotionally uncomfortable and the stress in the relationship grows to such an extent that you both may have to part your ways.

Most partners can somehow manage to cope up with sexual betrayals, but emotional betrayals can often knock the winds out of them. It is certainly difficult for a person to accept that his/her partner is only physically around, while his/her partner mentally belongs to some other person. The fact which makes this whole thing even worse is that the affected partner cannot even openly accuse his partner for emotional infidelity. On most occasions the affected partner, keeps suffering inside and slowly drifts into depression or some other mental or behavioral problem.

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