Emerging Trends- A White Blazer for Summer 2010

Summer 2010 has a trend that seems to be surfacing slowly and fashion experts claim that this trend will spread in a short time. Add a white blazer to your list of summer ‘must haves’ this year. Teaming this blazer and accessorizing it is not difficult. With a little creativity you will be able to wear the blazer with your formal and casual outfits.

When you are out shopping for a white blazer don’t look out for one in the boyfriend style. This will look like a lab coat or a doctor’s coat. A white blazer looks best in a fitted style or with cropped sleeves.

Tips on how to wear your white blazer

If you want to wear the blazer and sport a casual look you can wear it with a pair of jeans. For a crisp and smart look wear a classy tank top under the blazer. If you want to dress it down then wear the blazer with a T shirt. When you are wearing the white blazer to sport a casual look; do not fold the sleeves as it may look like an 80’s style.

Always wear a pair of good shoes with this look. You can wear a pair of contrasting shoes if you want to create a striking look else a pair of white strap sandals or peep toed shoes will look great with the look.

If you want to wear the white blazer for a formal look then you need to shop for a pair of formal dress pants or trousers. This will make you stand out. For this look you will need a pair of pumps or classy dress shoes. You can wear pants of any color however I strongly recommend staying away from white trousers as the white on white look may not get you the right kind of attention.

Wear the white blazer over a casual printed dress and wedge heels for a summer BBQ or a date. You can also style a look with cargo pants, a T shirt, ballet flats and the blazer for a casual look.

When you are shopping around for your white blazer, remember to look out for bargains as maintaining this article of clothing is an expensive affair. Don’t invest in a blazer that has instructions to dry clean only as you will spend a tiny fortune maintaining it.

Try out your blazer with all the options possible when you are at hoe; it will give you a good perspective on how to style it differently every time you step out of the house.