Eliminate Head Lice

headlice One of the major problems that we face today regarding hair is the head lice or Pediculosis. They are small insects that get themselves attached to the hair or the scalp and suck blood. Their eggs are called nits and appear as small white bubbles at the root of the hair and on the scalp.

They are highly contagious and the eggs develop so quickly that minor neglect can lead to severe damage to the hair and the scalp and make them virtually impossible to control. While the eggs draw nutrients from the hair the adult pests are really dangerous and they suck blood from the scalp.

They can also transmit numerous diseases like the mosquitoes and the cockroaches. So take early measures to tackle them as early as possible.

If your child or any member of the family shows sign of itching, swollen neck and white spots on the hair check carefully. There may be lice on the head.

There are many ways to tackle the lice. You can use your fingers to select and kill them. You can also use the tweezers and finger nails. Another technique used by many is the fine toothed comb.

Work in light and comb the hair thoroughly with the comb. Most of the lice can be separated in this way. This process is effective because they do not jump or fly.

Mayonnaise or olive oil can also be used to treat them. Apply all over the hair and scalp and leave it on as long as possible and then wash off. If you use any specialised oil r chemical treatment then make sure they do not have linodin. They can cause cancer.

As it happens mainly due to poor hygiene and from others in school or family check if other members have also got lice or not.  Use thick layer of petroleum jelly to remove lice from the brows and always keep the cloth and the bed clean.