Elevate Yourself with Mood-Uplifting Food

All of us at some point have faced these bouts of intense food cravings, especially when we are down or feeling very blue.

While options are in abundance, it is always better to go for a few which are not only nutritious but also help in the elevation of your mood.

With time, the way we look at food has evolved and a pattern has been found which links what we eat with how we feel. So, which food can boost our mood? Let us take a quick tour.

Vitamin D rich food is known to have a ‘happy’ effect. Try yogurt or low calorie cheese and any other milk products. Prepare a fluffy egg white omelet with low calorie cheese filling. And if none of these are available, do not worry. Simply step outside and soak up the Sun for a while! The most natural Vitamin D provider is nothing else.

Important components that regulate the functions of our brain are Omega-3s. Fish, flax seeds, walnuts are rich in Omega-3s and including them in your diet results in lowering down of levels of depression. You can go for a quick to make spinach salad with strips of salmon and even crab.

Indulge in a lot of Selenium laden food which are filled with antioxidants that help to curb the dip in the mood. Nuts, Beans, Lean meat, Clams, Oysters etc fall under this category.

A little bit of Dark Chocolate is known to have mood elevating properties by initiating the production of the chemicals which make us feel good.

For anytime munchies, you can always count on whole grain cereals or breads, apples, oranges and bananas in fruits, popcorn, carrots etc.

How we eat also matters. Do not skip meals and keep an empty stomach for long. Keep feeding yourself small meals throughout the day, instead of one very large meal. Regularity in how and when you eat also affects the bodily functions.

Try to stay away from food with saturated fat and from consuming too much alcohol. In case of the latter, the initial high wears down fast to pave the way for depressant behavior.