Elegant bathrooms

It goes beyond my thinking and imagination, why most people tend to neglect their bathrooms while being overcautious about the rest of their home interiors. We all spend a lot of time in the bathroom every day, so no matter how small it may be, in size, we should make an effort to organize it and decorate it.

Here is some advice on giving an appealing look to your bathroom without the need to spend a whole lot of money.

Let’s talk about the bathroom walls first; going in for subtle shades of bathroom tiles is the safest way to go. However you can experiment with different combinations and vivid patterns if it is a spacious bathroom, but look for simpler tiles for a bathroom which is small in size. To create a magical effect you can make use of borders and sticks.

If you love white color, we will suggest you to keep your color choice for anything but the wall tiles of your bathroom. Since white bathroom tiles will make your bathroom look like one that can be found in a hospital, with a completely ruined character. But in case your existing bathroom tiles are already White, then instead of having all your tiles pulled out just get a packet or two of some nice color which can be used here and there to create a pattern or maybe a border at the top.

Mirror is a vital object in the bathroom setting, so get a nice big mirror to be placed on the wall. Don’t use cabinets with mirrors since they make the bathroom seem even smaller. If you have a countertop basin, use a mirror which is big enough to cover the length of the counter. There is no dearth of wonderful mirrors with elegantly crafted borders, but for sure the more attractive the border the higher the price will be.

If you’re using the regular ceramic basin, it’s always advisable to set it up as a countertop and use the space below to make cabinets for storage. However if you’re using one of those latest designer glass basins then let it stand by itself, since they are almost like wonderfully crafted artifacts. If you’re using these glass basins, you’ll need some space to put up a cabinet to store your stock of toiletries.

However small your bathroom may be, keep the bathing area and the rest of the bathroom as separate. You can use a shower curtain or of glass door to separate the shower area in case you’re not installing a shower cubicle. Although all bathrooms have a bath towel rail, putting up a towel rack will help you to keep your stack of fresh towels dry.

Sidharth Thakur