Egyptian Beauty Care

face In India, women are slowly becoming fitness conscious. It’s a good sign that they are going to gyms to shed those extra pounds and taking care of their skin.

Ancient Egypt

The Egyptian culture has always given extreme importance to beautification. The beauty secret of Cleopatra is an evidence of this fact. You may find perfume vials from Egypt in many homes today. Even Aloe, an essential component of many skin-care creams, was used in ancient Egypt for various beauty treatments.

Body Oil

In ancient Egypt, women used body oils as part of their regular bathing regimen. Women from all categories used generous amounts of body oil. So, if you still haven’t included body oil in your schedule, do so without delay to fight the damage to our skin done by dirt, heat and pollution.

Egyptian Anti-wrinkle cream recipe

1 teaspoon of sweet almond oil

2 drops of Rose Attar or Frankincense essential oil

You can get an effective anti-wrinkle cream by mixing these two ingredients. At night, after washing your face, apply this cream by massaging it gently for almost 5 minutes. Rinse off after waking up the next morning.


In ancient Egyptian cosmetics, sweet or bitter almond oil were frequently used as they were believed to be extremely effective for the skin. You can use almond oil in the pure form as an under-eye cream. This oil is even helpful to prevent the appearance of crows-feet. For your hair, you can use a mixture of coconut and almond oil. You can wash off this mixture after an hour from the time of application to get the full benefit.

Body Oil

tips that you may try: After you have finished taking the bath, pour one teaspoon of almond oil in your bathing mug that’s filed with water. Use it as a final rinse and decant it on your body.

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