Effleurage, The Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

If you are looking to find a soothing experience in massage you can go for a light Effleurage. This is a Swedish massage which can be deep or superficial. The superficial is the one which is a light-touch massage.

You can get the massage when you are quite accustomed to the touch of the therapist and you feel really good at the end of it all. The deep massage works well for people who can bear with the pressure of it all. In the superficial effleurage, there is a movement of the hand that slowly glides over the body. In the deep massage they use a lot of pressure and also broadening of the muscle tissues.

The deep effleurage uses lot of pressure and the movement is generally towards the heart but the return stroke is usually lighter. The deep massage warms up the body. This is a more focused and deep massage. Too much force is bad because the body gets tightened up immediately. So when you are asking the massage therapist to go deeper, you should be also telling her to massage with caution.

The deep tissue or connective tissue massage needs to be done with care but it follows the same functions as a Swedish massage does. The pressure is very much intense and the therapist will work to release the knots or the muscle tension which are also called the adhesions.

A deep tissue massage however will not hurt but it is not as comfortable as a Swedish Massage, discussed earlier. Drinking water is utterly necessary if you have taken a deep tissue massage because that helps to take the lactic acid out of the tissues. Also speak out if the massage creates much of a pressure for you. After deep tissue massage have lots of water as there could be some sort of soreness in the muscles if you do not drink water. This would pass within a few days.

It is indeed impossible to get rid of all the knots in an hour in the case of a deep tissue massage. This cannot happen. Tension that is built up for over a lifetime can get released slowly with exercise and by working on the postural part, through relaxation methods and a regular massage program.