Effects Of Low Progesterone Level On Women

stress-during-pregnancy The first and foremost use of the hormone progesterone in a full grown woman’s health is helping her in pregnancy. A woman who is looking forward to get pregnant would be requiring a certain level of the hormone progesterone in her body.

Let us have a brief idea of progesterone: This is completely a female hormone and is quite necessary for a sexually matured woman to have it in a certain level in her body, in order to conceive. As well this hormone is also needed for a healthy pregnancy. Progesterone is produced in a woman’s body at the time of ovulation.

This hormone not only helps in pregnancy but also it helps in keeping her period under proper supervision and prepares the uterus of the woman for pregnancy. Progesterone plays a major role in making a woman fertile.

Effects of Low Progesterone: At time of a menstruation cycle, the levels of the hormone progesterone would rise and fall significantly. At the time of ovulation the hormonal level rises. In case the sperm fails in fertilizing the eggs, it would be followed by a fall in the level of progesterone.

There are two situations in which a woman can get infertile: Either, if her body produces less than the necessary level of progesterone, or if she has a very high level of estrogen getting produced in her body.

During pregnancy it becomes very crucial to maintain the progesterone level, because a fall in the level would result in miscarriage.

Reasons resulting in fall of the hormone’s level: At times the body gets too high in estrogen levels. This results in hindering the progesterone level to be maintained in the body.

Some causes lead to low levels of progesterone in a woman’s body are like stress, depression and too much of it.

Women need to learn the ways to keep stress at bay to keep such situations from happening. Women need to relax and as well stay fit. A good dose of regular exercise on a daily basis helps to keep the hormone high. A sedentary lifestyle can cause the hormonal levels to fall.

A woman’s body requires a low sugar and high nutrient diet to maintain itself. All these factors help maintaining a sufficient and healthy progesterone level in the body.