Effective Ways To Soften Natural Hairs

Effective Ways To Soften Natural Hairs

Effective Ways To Soften Natural Hairs For looking beautiful, it is essential that a person has good hairs. Good hairs stand for soft, silky, shiny and bouncy hairs. However, good hairs are not very common. Even celebrities have to undergo different types of hair treatments for looking beautiful.

Since it is the desire of everyone to have good hairs, people do not mind spending good amount on buying hair conditioners, hair oils and other such cosmetic products. In fact, use of conditioner is the commonest way of softening natural hairs. There are two types of conditioners available in market. These are herbal conditioners and regular conditioners.

Herbal conditioners are made from herbs having hair softening properties while regular conditioners contain chemicals that deal with the structure of hair. Both of these have some restrictions. While most of herbal conditioners are not able to soften the hair perfectly, frequent use of regular conditioner can have some side effects on hair. Thinning of hairs is the commonest side effect reported for chemical conditioners.

Applying oil on hairs is another way of softening natural hairs. There are many types of hair oils available in the market. But all of them are not effective. In some cases, oil treatment may not work as desired. For example, people having curly hairs do not find oil treatment as effective as using regular conditioners. Apart from these, there are some hair treatments that are effective in straightening and softening natural hairs. For example, chemical straightening is one such way.

There is an immediate effect on texture of hairs and they look really beautiful. However, taking care of chemically straightened hairs is a difficult task. In busy routines, it may not be possible for a woman to take care properly. Chemical straightening is also considered as harmful for hairs.

For softening the natural hairs, preserving hair moisture is very essential. There are some ways in which moisture can be preserved and hairs can be softened without any harmful effects. These ways of softening natural hairs are easy to follow and do not require any substantial investment.

Effective Ways to Soften Natural Hairs

For softening natural hairs, many types of recipes have been recommended. Most of these recipes are made from natural ingredients and thus, are not harmful. One such recipe is vegan recipe. This homemade solution for softening natural hairs is made from vegetable glycerin, distilled water and cold pressed coconut oil. First of all, some quantity of cold pressed coconut oil is taken in a jar. Same quantity of vegetable glycerin is than added to the coconut oil.

Effective Ways to Soften Natural Hairs

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Half quantity of distilled water is then added to this mixture. It is then blended and is put in a spray bottle. This mixture can also be applied with hands. It should be applied daily on hairs and within few days, hairs would start softening. Unlike other recipes, hairs do not turn smelly in this recipe.
Sometimes, hairs become rock hard due to many reasons. For example, lack of proper hair care for months together can lead to such hairs.

Rock hard hairs are most difficult to treat. Most of black women have this type of hair. For softening hair strands, some dedicated steps have to be taken. For example, coconut oil should be applied to the roots regularly. Coconut oil has natural conditioning properties that soften hairs over regular use. It is better if coconut oil is applied at the bed time and left overnight. This application must be followed by moisturizing the hairs.

Moisturizing helps in sealing the moisture inside the strand and thus, they remain soften. On the other hand, if hairs become dry after shampooing, they can become hard again. Apart from coconut, there are some other natural oils that have good conditioning properties and help in softening the hairs. For example, castor oil, olive oil and jojoba oil are some of them. These oils also help in sealing the moisture and thus, little quantities can be applied after shampooing the hairs.

Many hair stylists believe that co-washing helps a lot in preserving the moisture of hair, which is often lost during shampooing. For same reason, it is advised that shampooing must not be done very frequently. Shampooing hairs twice a week is ok. If natural oils cannot be applied after shampooing due to some reasons, deep conditioner must be applied. This helps in keeping the hairs strands soft and silky.

Generally, deep conditioner is applied once in a week. Caramel treatment is one of most effective recipes for softening natural hairs. This treatment is done using all natural ingredients and thus, there is no side effect found. Ingredients of caramel treatment include banana, honey, olive oil, molasses, apple cider vinegar, wheat germ oil and cornstarch. Honey is said to have one of best moisturizing properties and thus, is helpful in increasing the moisture content of hairs.

Olive oil helps in preserving the moisture of hairs. Bananas contain some proteins that make the hairs healthy and soft. It also adds to the moisture content of hairs. Wheat germ oil adds strength to hairs while apple cider vinegar adds shine to them.

Molasses also contain proteins that are good for hair. In all, it can be said that caramel treatment is one of best for having healthy, shiny and soft hairs. 6 tablespoons of honey and olive oil, two to three overripe bananas, 3 tablespoons of molasses and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, wheat germ oil and cornstarch each are put into a blender and processed.

In needed, some water can be added. This mixture is then poured into a saucepan and stirred on medium heat. If needed, some more water can again be added. When mixture looks like batter, it is decanted into a container. This mixture must be applied to hair roots and after one or two hours, hairs should be washed with shampoo. Afterwards, a deep conditioner is applied.

The result is soft and shiny hairs. For softening natural hairs, some changes in lifestyle are also required. For example, hairs must not be exposed to heat for extended duration. Heat leads to drying out of hairs and make them hard. Protective coating of hair is also lost due to heat. Similarly, good quantities of water should be consumed, as it helps in keeping the hairs moisturized.

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