Effective Tips To Remove Glitters From The Skin

Effective Tips To Remove Glitters From The Skin

Effective Tips To Remove Glitters From The Skin Glitter has a tendency to remain stuck to the surface of your skin. Whether it is after a ‘glittering’ event or after a well done craft session, the satisfaction vanishes when you realise that removing the glitter is becoming quite a tricky proposition.

Glitter comes in many forms- powder, cream and gel varieties are available. Below are the various methods you can use to remove these stubborn substances.

Use Mild Cleansing Milk

Take a cotton swab or soft washcloth. Wet it and then squeeze away the excess water. Now put some good quality cleanser cream on the washcloth. Move this piece of cloth on the skin surface from which you wish to remove the glitter. When the milk is thoroughly applied, keep it for some time. Finally use some lukewarm water to wash away all that cream along with the glitter.

The Tape Method

This method is generally used to remove glitters from your hands. Take a piece of any sticky tape -putty, scotch or masking tape or any other as long as it has a gluey surface. Now form the tape into a loop keeping the surface with the gum on the outside.

Move this loop on the surface of the skin from which the glitter needs to be removed. Fresh tapes will need to be used before all the glitter can be cleaned away. Wash away the residue with soap and warm water. However multiple washing of your hands may be needed before all that glitter can be removed.

Removing Glitter From Around Your Eyes

Glitters add great dash and dazzle to your party mood. However once the gathering breaks and you are in mood for some rest, that dazzling glitter may become a serious cause for concern. If not cleaned away thoroughly they become very serious eye irritants.

Apply some lukewarm water on a cotton swab. Place this warm ball on your closed eye surface to loosen away the glitter layer. Take care not to rub your eyelid which may cause irritation. Now take a dab of eye makeup removing lotion on another cotton swab. Do not take large amounts that may get into your eyes.

Close your eyes and gently dab the remover on your eyelids, this simple application will clean away most of the glitter without damaging the delicate skin around your eyes. To remove the remaining eye-glitter, use the cotton gently around your eyelids. Just be careful not to get any lotion inside the eyes. Finally wash away your face thoroughly with warm water and pat dry.

Removal Of Glitter Tattoos

Glitter tattoos are great fun to have because they look great, last for 3 to 5 days and are more or less waterproof (they don’t survive swimming regimes). Since dead cells are continuously removed from our skins the tattoos also come off naturally enough with time. However, if you need to clean them away before natural progression sheds it away, you can do this easily enough by using cleansing creams or baby oil. Spread either of the substance on the glitter surface and let it sit for some time before rinsing with soap and water.