Effective Steps To Make A Zumba Scarf

Effective Steps To Make A Zumba Scarf

Effective Steps To Make A Zumba Scarf Zumba is a Latino aerobic dance routine developed by a Colombian choreographer in the 90s. This fitness regime combines a variety of different dance forms including belly-dancing and hip-hop with the martial arts to impart a complete body workout.

This is exercising with a difference, since it is done in a party like atmosphere in a relaxed mood accompanied with fusion music, again inspired from the various dance forms across the world. So it is no wonder that the participants involved in this aerobic regime also put on certain vibrant and funky accessories in order to add to the vibrant atmosphere.

Zumba scarves are a step in that direction. These hip scarves or s are made of colorful chiffon materials and use beads and coins in the design. In tandem with the aerobic routine these coins jingle in rhythm with your body and together with the beads reflect light to add a sparkle to your movements. So nowadays exercising is not just about burning calories it is also about making your style statement. This is how you can make your own belly dancer’s hip scarf and add glamour to your drab workout uniform.

Choose The materials

Although sheer fabrics work best for making a Zumba scarf you can also choose from cotton and polyester blend varieties which are more durable. You can keep your scarf plain; in that case what you need to do is just fold your material in half and tie it around your waist and let the ends dangle. Laces can be sewn on the edges to make the thing look more decorative. However addition of sequins, beads and string of coins provide more authenticity to this traditional belly dancing attire.


Measure out your hip girth with a tape measure. Place one end of the tape on the side of your hip, now encircle it around yourself and bring the two ends together. Jot down the measurement.

Measure Out The Cloth

Now place the tape on the chosen chiffon material and cut out the length which must be 24” more than your hip measure. This extra length forms the ends of your scarf which will be used for tying the knot.

Determine The Width

Width is the length of the scarf you would like to dangle around your hips. Cut it out according to your need.

Where Will The Beading Start From?

Spread out the fabric material on the work table. From the left corner measure out 12” along the lower border of the cloth towards the right and then mark a point ¼” above the previous one. This is the point from where you are to start the beading process.


Put a knot at one end of the beading thread and pass in through a needle. Now insert it at the marked point. Pull out the thread so that the other end remains secure with the knot. Pass 10 beads through the needle followed by a coin, repeat this process twice. Now put another knot at the end of the last coin. Cut out the extra thread to let your beads dangle. Keep on marking similar spots ¼” apart from the first and repeat the beading process. Leave the last 12” of the fabric, i.e. no beads there. These left and right edges of the scarf will be used for tying.

Photo Credit: Rencsi.com