Effective Steps For Removing Blond Hair Dye

removing blond hair dye

removing blond hair dye When hair dye is applied on hair for the first time, it cannot be said with surety that a particular color would suit face or hairs. In other words, after applying hair dye, a person might feel that wrong decision has been taken. It has been observed that after dying hairs with unusual shades, people want to remove the color from their hairs as soon as possible.

Since hair growth occurs from root slowly, dyed hairs cannot be cut immediately. Rather than waiting for months together for cutting dyed hairs, there are some steps that can be taken for removing the blond hair dye. Some of these steps result in immediate removal of blond hair dye while other taken some time. In some cases, hairs may be damaged due to certain applications for removing color, temporary dyes can be applied for preventing them from damaging further.

Effective Steps for Removing Blond Hair Dye

Blond hair dye can be removed by washing the hairs repeatedly with shampoo. If needed, vinegar mixture can be prepared by using one measuring cap of vinegar and two measuring caps of water. This mixture is then applied to hairs for removing blond hair dye. One of most effective ways of removing blond hair dye is to use a hair dye stripper.

There are many brands of stripper available in market that promise to remove hair dye within few minutes. Before applying hair dye stripper, conducting hair strand test is very important. This is because severe allergies and reactions are caused due to use of these chemicals. Hair dye stripper is generally applied in the form of mixture. Instructions for preparing the mixture are given on the pack, which must be followed.

If hair strand test does not show any side effects, hair dye stripper can be applied to required areas. While conducting hair strand test, time taken for fading out the dye must be noted.  If hairs have been highlighted with blond hair dye, only highlighted strands should be treated with hair dye stripper. It is to be understood that these chemicals are applied to dry hairs only. Once application is over, hairs are covered with a shower cap.

Cap must not be removed for the time period noted in hair strand test. This time must not exceed the maximum time limit provided on the pack. Different hair dye strippers have different maximum time limits, which depend upon the ingredients used. After calculated or threshold time limit, shower cap is removed and hairs are shampooed. For removing the chemical completely from hairs and scalp, it is necessary that shampoo is applied two to three times.

Effective Steps For Removing Blond Hair Dye

After shampooing, hairs must be rinsed thoroughly with water. A deep conditioner is then applied to hairs. It is better if serums are used. After leaving conditioner for two or three minutes, hairs are rinsed with water and dried with towel. Similarly, hair color removers are also effective in removing light blond hair dye. These are easily available at drug and cosmetic stores. Some people also call these as Color Zap. Loreal hair color remover is one of leading color remover brands.

Apart from chemical applications, there are some natural treatments too that are effective in removing blond hair dye. There are no side effects of these treatments and are easy to carry out. Chemical formulations can be applied if natural treatments do not provide any result. One of easiest and most effective homemade treatment is application of laundry detergent. Only leading brands of laundry detergents should be applied.

Detergents containing bleach should be avoided. Best results are obtained when laundry detergents are applied within few hours of hair dye application. In this treatment, hairs are first rinsed with water. Small amount of laundry detergent is then applied to wet hairs. Gentle massage is then given to hairs for producing lather. After few minutes, hairs are rinsed thoroughly with water. Laundry detergent is again applied on hairs and rinsed. This should be continued until all the hair dye has been removed.

Since laundry detergents can be harsh to hairs, it is better if a good quality deep conditioner is applied to hairs in the end. This helps in repairing damaged hairs and keeping them soft and manageable. Some people have also found anti-dandruff shampoo very effective in removing blond hair dye. These shampoos contain some ingredients that help in removing artificial colors from hairs. Baking soda is first mixed with anti dandruff shampoo for preparing a paste, which is then applied to wet hairs while taking shower.

After three or four minutes, hairs are rinsed with water for removing this paste. This process is repeated until blond hair dye has been removed completely.
Dish soaps are also effective in removing blond hair dye. For application, a mixture of dish soap and regular shampoo is first prepared. Only three to four drops of dish soap should be used. This mixture is applied to hair and is left for five to seven minutes. Hairs are then washed with water so as to remove all the dish soap.

This step is repeated many times until all the hair dye has been removed. Since dish soap can dry out hairs, a deep conditioner is used after removing dish soap for last time. Hot oil treatments also help in removing blond hair dye. Hot oil treatments are otherwise also good for softening and moisturizing hairs. Many types of essential oils can be used for above purpose. For example, olive oil, jojoba oil and castor oil are the most effective essential oils used in hot oil treatments.

However, this treatment must be carried out once in a week. Otherwise, scalp and hairs may become greasy. If it is found immediately after dyeing hairs blond that color is not going with skin tone, hairs should be shampooed immediately. It is better if shampoo with high pH is used. Application of lemon juice also helps in removing hair dye. For this purpose, a paste of lemon juice and cream of tarter is prepared first. It is then applied to hairs. After fifteen minutes, hairs are rinsed with water. If needed, this treatment can be repeated. 

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