Effective Steps For Fixing Dry Ridges In Nails

Dry ridges in nails are very common, which destroy the looks greatly. Many people believe that situation of fingernails provides an insight to the overall health of a person. Dry ridges in nails are generally caused due to dehydration within the nail plate.

As age of a person increases, innate oils contained in nail plate starts dehydrating and thus, nails are not kept moisturized any more. This leads to dehydrated wrinkles and ridges.

Similarly, poor nutrition and emphysema are two health conditions which also lead to dry ridges in nails. For fixing the dry ridges in nails and for bringing back nail bed to excellent form, some steps can be followed.

Effective Steps For Fixing Dry Ridges In Nails

First of all, a person must gather the things required for treatment. For example, nail oil and cuticle oil containing vitamin E, rubber gloves and hand moisturizer are some of requirements for fixing dry ridges in nails at home.

Treatment is started by massaging cuticle oil on the cuticles and nail beds. This should be done gently. Oil should be rubbed down profoundly in each of the fingers.

Cuticle oil can be rubbed twice a day for getting fast results. Similarly, nail oil containing vitamin E should be applied on nails at night before going to bed.A layer of nail oil is formed by using a brush.

For sealing the moisture inside the nails and for preventing dehydration of nails, good quality hand moisturizer should be applied over the layer of nail oil and left overnight.

For fixing dry ridges in nails, it is very necessary that nails are protected from all sorts of wear and tear, as it worsens their condition. For example, while washing dishes, rubber gloves should be worn.

Similarly, for doing any type of heaving cleaning, in which fingernails are exposed, gloves should be worn. Washing hands frequently during the day also leads to loss of moisture from nails. This practice can make the condition worse. Other activities that result in loss of moisture from the nail bed should also be avoided.

For fixing dry ridges in nails, it is also necessary that a person consumes a well-balanced diet that contains all important proteins, minerals and vitamins. Fresh vegetables and fruits must be included in diet. Drinking large quantities of water also helps in preventing dehydration of nail bed.

In market, different types of nail supplements are found. These supplements are very effective in removing deficiency of certain types of vitamins and minerals, which leads to dehydration of nails. However, before consuming any type of nail supplement, health care provider should be consulted.

For fixing dry ridges in nails, a buffer kit can also be purchased. This kit is used for buffing off the exterior of nails, as a result of which, nails become soft. Manicure and pedicure also prove effective in fixing the dry ridges found in fingernails and toenails.

These procedures prevent wrinkles from occurring within nails. A person can visit a beauty salon of good repute for getting these treatments. Before treatment, it must be ensured that all equipments have been sterilized properly.

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