Effective Natural Remedies For Gray Hairs

Effective Natural Remedies For Gray Hairs

Effective Natural Remedies For Gray Hairs Gray hairs have become very common in present times due to increasing pollution levels and other factors like tension. Though there are many others reasons for graying of hair like heredity, lifestyle is also responsible to a good extent for above phenomenon.

Many people think that graying of hairs leads to embarrassment and hence, they resort to different types of methods for preventing and treating gray hairs. Gray hairs also affect the confidence level. One of biggest effects of gray hairs is that a person looks older than his actual age. For example, due to gray hairs, a 35 year old person may look similar to 45 years old person.

In some cases, this difference can even be more. For reducing years on face, many people start using chemical preparations like hair color or hair dye. However, there are some natural remedies too that prevent and treat graying of hair. These remedies are considered as better option than chemical application.

For preventing graying of hairs, it is also necessary that hypertension is avoided to the maximum. It is an established fact that over-stressed people have more number of gray hairs. Stress can lead to fast graying of hair. Since anger and depresses may also lead to stress, these should also be avoided. One of best ways of keeping stress at bay is to do exercises regularly.

Yoga also helps a lot in providing much needed relief against stress. Smoking cigarette also leads to premature graying of hairs and thus, it should be avoided. In the same manner, consumption of strong drugs also leads to graying of hairs. Thus, before taking any strong medication, health care provider must be contacted.

Effective Natural Remedies for Gray Hairs

Many people are found using herbs for coloring their hairs naturally. Similarly, natural hair dyes are also applied for improving looks of hairs. Though all these are natural remedies for dealing with gray hairs, these are just temporary ways of changing the looks. If these remedies are not repeated to in time, gray hairs are noticed once again.

It is to be understood that hair grows from scalp and thus, it is quite obvious that part of hair near the root would appear gray after some time, irrespective of the natural remedy used. It is said that if treatment for gray hair is taken when first gray hair appears, other hairs can be prevented from turning gray to a good extent. In other words, if cause of gray hair is treated, numbers of gray hairs would not increase on scalp.

Hair normally turns gray when oil is not produced by hair follicles due to deficiency of many types of vitamins and nutrients. If consumption of these nutrients and vitamins is increased, through supplement or otherwise, graying of hairs can be checked. Best way of consuming these nutrients is to include them in diet. Vitamin B12 is considered as very important for hairs. In the absence of this vitamin, hair turns gray.

Hair normally turns gray

There are many types of food substances that are rich in vitamin B12. For example, it is found abundantly in fish, meat, poultry, eggs and different types of dairy products. Consuming up to one liter of yogurt every day is considered as good for treating and preventing gray hairs. Similarly, consumption of wheat, green leafy vegetables and soy products also fulfill the vitamin B12 requirements of body.

This vitamin is also contained in fruits and nuts, which can be eaten for removing the deficiency. In the same way, hair follicle growth is adversely affected due to deficiency of T3 and T4, which are thyroid hormones. It also leads to graying of hairs. For dealing with deficiency of these hormones, food substances rich in copper, iodine, zinc and proteins should be consumed. It should be ensured that salt used for preparing food is iodized one.

Poultry, meat, curry leaves, dairy products and seafood are some of the food substances that are rich in iodine and proteins. Some of the food substances that are rich in zinc include mushroom, legumes, whole grains, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, legumes, and pecans. For ensuring appropriate copper levels, food substances rich in fiber should be consumed.

Folic acid is considered as very effective in preventing graying of hairs. Thus, body must be supplied with adequate quantities of folic acid. There are many food substances that contain folic acid in good quantities. For example, kidney, liver, egg yolk, and chicken are some of them. Legumes like soybean, nuts and almonds are also some of rich sources of folic.

Other such food substances include spinach, cabbage, broccoli, sweet potato, banana, oranges, cabbage, and asparagus. Iron is also considered as good for hair and helps in preventing graying of hair. It is contained in good quantities in cereals, leafy vegetables, meat, rice, and pasta. Over consumption of tea and coffee is also harmful for hairs and thus, consumption of these should be reduced.

By increasing consumption of black resins, black cumin, garlic, honey, wheat germ, fish oil and blackstrap molasses, graying of hairs can be delayed successfully. Oil treatments also help in preventing and treating graying of hairs. Hairs and scalp must be massaged with natural oils. A person may use one type of natural oil or he can mix one or two oils.

Most popular natural oil that promotes hair follicles and prevents graying of hair is coconut oil. Olive oil, almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil and mustard oil are also considered as good for hair and thus, can be massaged. For enhancing the effects of natural oils, few drops of essential oil can be added. For example, rosemary oil has been found very useful in blackening hairs.

For preventing and treating gray hairs, oil treatment should be done twice a weak. Results are normally found in one or two months. Amla or Indian Goose Berry is also used widely for treating gray hairs. Fruit of this herb are grinded for making a paste and this paste is applied directly to scalp. Amla can also be consumed orally. Black Pepper is also effective in preventing graying of hairs. It can be applied topically or consumed orally for delaying graying of hairs.

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