Effective Measures to Quit Smoking

We know that there is no nutritional benefit whatsoever of smoking. Yet at times quitting can be a daunting task.

Here are some tips on how to:The first tip would be to write down on a piece of paper the reasons that you want to quit smoking for. 

The first thing to do is to make a list of the bad effects of smoking. You can write the instances of breathlessness, you feeling filthy, your clothes and mouth smelling etc. Then write down the benefits that you personally will get once you have quit smoking.

Benefits like you feeling healthier, your skin looking better, you not having a bad throat, your clothes smelling good and the rest. Keep this paper with you and whenever you feel like smoking, just look at this paper.

Always consider the consequences of carrying on smoking. Do you know that it takes at least 15 days before all the tar accumulated in your throat completely goes away?

The withdrawal symptoms of smoking start to appear in 2 hours with a huge craving for smoking. This is in response to the body cleaning the toxic substances accumulated in the body due to smoking. If you smoke at that point, you will have undone the work of the previous 24 hours.

Therefore whenever you feel like smoking, especially after you have quit, remember that not only you will be allowing the toxic substances in the body again, but also will be undoing all the non smoking of the previous days.

Usually one smokes when one has taken a break from work. This means that whenever you take a break, your brain being conditioned to smoking will make you feel the cravings to smoke.

Therefore once, you have stopped smoking, from the very next day, do something different in the breaks. Take a walk around the block and have a lot of water and juices. Keep yourself away from places where people smoke. You will be tempted but do resist. Walking will be a good exercise for you as well.

Do not talk yourself into smoking. Once stopped, Ensure that you have the alarms blaring at the very thought of smoking and there is a huge “STOP” sign in your head every time you feel you are about to relapse into smoking again.