Effective Ideas To Get Really Long Lashes

Effective Ideas To Get Really Long Lashes

Effective Ideas To Get Really Long Lashes Long curling lashes sweeping over the eyes is every girl’s dream, even if you are not naturally endowed with really long lashes; the effect can be achieved through various means.

Effective Ideas to Get Really Long Lashes

Clever Use of the eyeliner

To give the illusion of really long lashes try out the subtle use of your eyeliner. Make a thicker line at the base of the lashes and spread it out a little beyond your natural eyelid line. This will serve two different purposes. The thicker line at the base will make the eyelashes look longerby giving an illusion of longer roots and by extending the liner beyond the natural limit of the eyelids you are giving out the effect of bigger eyes. And you get your heart’s wish, bigger eyes with sweeping really long eyelashes.

The Curling Effect

Curling your eyelashes give an illusion of really longer length. Heat up an eye curler by placing them near a hair dryer and after making sure that your lashes are clean and devoid of any makeup or mascara put both parts of the curler on either side of the lashes and curl. Start from the base and do it in the middle of the eyelashes too. To have the best results repeat the curling procedure. This will bring a new bounce to your flat lashes and make them appear longer. However, care needs to be taken while curling since wrong moves may lead to uprooting and damage to your eyelashes.

Fake Eyelashes

This is the best way to really increase the length of the eyelashes without damaging them in any way. Pick up the lashes you would like to use. They come as a single big eyelash or even small strips are available which can be used separately and at different places on the natural lashes to give a longer effect. After choosing the eyelash cut off the tips to give a more natural look.

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Do not make a clean sweep with the scissors rather work on individual strands to make them blend with the natural lashes. Now with the help of lash-glue stick them on near the roots. Blend both the layers with the help of a liner near the roots. Put two coats of mascara for setting and giving illusion of thicker and longer eyelashes. Also, curl your natural lashes before putting on the fake ones to give a more dramatic effect.


It has been suggested that trimming the eyelashes may help them grow longer just as it works for your hair. Also, eating a healthy and well balanced diet make for longer and lush lashes. Then there are certain home remedies which work but take time and basically depends on how regular you are in doing them.

Applying petroleum jelly on the lashes before going to bed is a sure shot way to give an extension to your lashes however it won’t work if you are allergic to vaseline. Then if you are into it you may go for certain eyelash enhancing drugs or even lash transplants.

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