Effective Homemade Nail Biting Treatments

Effective Homemade Nail Biting Treatments

Effective Homemade Nail Biting Treatments Nail biting is a very common habit that makes nails look unattractive. Apart from this, nail biting can also lead to spread of diseases. Sometimes, nail biting also results in infections, which are very painful.

In some cases, even nail bed can get ruined due to this habit. It has been seen that habit of nail biting starts in childhood and is continued even after attaining adulthood.

Effective Homemade Nail Biting Treatments

There are some homemade treatments and remedies that can be used by parents for preventing their children from biting nails. These treatments prove effective for adults also. Since nail biting habit is mostly a result of boredom or anxiety, modification in behavior can help a lot in curtailing this habit.

Children and adult should be asked to look into mirror while biting their nails so that they become aware of their particular looks. Similarly, they can be motivated by showing their secretly recorded videos of nail biting. Parents may also maintain a journal of different types of triggers that lead to biting of nails. For example, some children and adults bite nails only when they are studying or watching television.

Once reason for nail biting is known, it can be targeted easily. Consuming vitamin B Inositol, also helps in stopping nail biting due to stress and anxiety. This vitamin is said to reduce stress levels. Its consumption also leads to increase in serotonin levels in brain, which is very necessary for keeping depression at low levels.

By keeping well groomed nails also, nail biting habit can be kept at bay. This is because it has been observed that many people bite their nails for smoothing them. Whenever nail has a sharp pointy edge, they bite it for making it smooth. By filing the nails everyday, edges can be kept smooth, which prevents people from biting their nails.

Similarly, cuticles should be kept trimmed and healthy. This is because some nail biters use to pick hangnails first. Another homemade nail biting treatment is to soak nails in oil. Nails can be soaked in oil twice a day. Oils that are generally used for soaking nails are vitamin E oil, olive oil, baby oil and castor oil. If fingers soaked in castor oil are put into mouth, it may taste awful.

This is the reason why many people avoid this oil. Soaking of nails in oil makes them strong and helps them in growing quickly. It also prevents breaking and chipping of nails. There are some natural substances that can be rubbed on nails for discouraging nail biting habit.

For example, rubbing of cayenne pepper powder is considered as one of best homemade nail biting treatments for discouraging nail biting. If nails rubbed with this powder are taken into mouth for biting, burning of tongue occurs. However, this treatment should not be given to children, as they have habit of rubbing eyes. Similarly, vinegar, lemon juice or any other non-toxic substance can be rubbed on fingernails for discouraging nail biting habit.

Last but not the least, gloves can be used for preventing nibbling of nails. Gloves should be worn until a person stops nail biting completely. Some people also put stickers and adhesive bandages for discouraging nail biting. Women can apply nail polish for discouraging nail biting habit.