Effective Home Remedies For Vaginitis

Effective Home Remedies For Vaginitis Vaginitis is the infection in the vagina that affects most women at some point in their lives. Vaginitis is of three types. Vaginal candidiasis caused due to yeast or fungus, trichomoniasis caused due to a parasite and bacterial vaginosis caused due to bacteria.

Any kind of vaginitis can be very irritating for a woman and can affect their normal routine. The symptoms of it includes redness and itching in the vagina, foul odour, change in colour and odour of discharge depending on the infection, irritation, difficulty in passing urine or sexual intercourse, etc. However, one should know it is not an STD and can cured with home remedies unless not severe. In severe conditions it’s always recommended to see a doctor to avoid infections in other organs.

Home Remedies For Vaginitis


Diet plays a very important role in reducing the infection of the vagina. There are certain foods one should avoid to prevent the organisms from thriving on the reproductive tract. Avoid eating foods like cheese, alcohol; fermented foods like breads, sugar containing foods, dry fruits, etc. Avoid eating grains that contain gluten in it. Women should also avoid eating acidic fruits like lemon and oranges till the infection reduces a little. Yogurt should be included in the diet. It helps in re-establishing the PH of the vagina which had been misbalanced due to the infection. Yogurt can be taken orally or can be applied over the vagina.

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Maintaining Hygiene

In order to avoid any further infection maintaining of proper hygiene is very important. It is important to wear fresh and properly cleaned clothes. In order to avoid uneasiness women should wear loose clothes during infection. Wearing of synthetic clothes is not advisable as it will not allow air to pass through. The vaginal area should be washed and pat dried to avoid spread of infection. The bathroom should also be kept clean to avoid further problems. Cleaning of anal area after using the toilet is important.


Garlic is found to have antifungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It is used for curing vaginitis. Garlic can be either eaten or applied externally on the anal area for effectiveness. Garlic can be eaten in various forms. It can either be cooked with food or eaten raw by grating it for better results. Supplements of garlic are also available.

Warm and Cold Water

Both warm and cold water helps to reduce the symptoms of vaginitis. Taking bath with warm water helps to reduce the infection. It is advisable not to have bath with soap as it may add to the irritation in the anal area. Cold water is also effective in vaginitis. It helps to reduce the irritation, itching and burning caused due to the infection.

Herbal Therapy

Herbs life calendula and Goldenseal have anti-inflammatory properties and help to reduce the inflammation caused in the genital tract. These herbs can be applied topically or taken orally. The herb chickweed should be boiled in water and strained. This water should then be used to wash the vaginal area to reduce itching.