Effective Beer Treatment For Hair For Increasing Shine And Volume

Effective Beer Treatment For Hair For Increasing Shine And Volume

Effective Beer Treatment For Hair For Increasing Shine And Volume Do you hate being extravagant while treating your hair? Do you believe in spending the money for necessities than luxuries like hair conditioning? Well, there is a cheap alternative that not only gives your limp hair the volume and shine it requires, but can be used in multiple ways too.

This cheap alternative is the beer treatment for hair. Buy a bottle of beer or use your left over bottle of beer as a conditioner. You can also make a shampoo with it and store it for a few days.

Benefits of Beer Treatment for Hair

The benefits of beer treatment for hair have been long known. Using beer as a shampoo or a conditioner is not a new phenomenon. When you pour a bottle of beer into your hair, the thickness of the liquid covets each strand of your hair. Kept for a few minutes it gives your dry and lack luster hair the time to soak as much of the beer as possible. Besides being a source of vitamin B, beer also contains proteins.

The protein is found in the malt and hops and is well known for its capacity to give volume to your hair and also repair damaged and dry hair. Darker beers, however, contain more protein. So, in case you are buying the beer just for the washing purpose, buy the darker one.  Not only that, the presence of maltose and sucrose sugar adds the much needed shine. Thus, use beer treatment for hair aids you to get shiny, voluminous hair.

Beer Treatment for Hair As A Shampoo

You can also make a home brewed shampoo with your bottle of beer. However, along with that you will need water to make your shampoo of a more running consistency. You will need a few drops of rosemary essential oil and lemon essential oil to do away with the alcohol smell and you will need cider vinegar for its beneficial properties for hair.

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Now, pour all these ingredients into a big bowl and mix them properly. See to it that the smell of the beer has been overpowered by the oils. Once that is done, pour the content into a bottle and store it in your house for around 2 weeks. This hair wash not only saves your money spent on those expensive shampoos, it is also much more beneficial for your hair. Thus, this beer shampoo is one way of beer treatment for hair.

Beer Treatment for Hair As A Conditioner

If you are using beer directly as a conditioner, make sure that your beer is flat. Keep your canned or bottled beer open for 2-3 hours so that it is completely flat. The beer treatment for hair is successful only when the beer is flat. Now, shampoo your hair properly.

Dry your hair with a towel so that all the water has been soaked. Pour your bottle of beer over your hair. Make sure that each strand is covered. Massaging your head for 2-3 minutes induces better circulation and absorption of the beer. Now keep the beer for a few minutes before you rinse it off with water. Use a light conditioner to do away with the smell of the beer and dry your scalp with a towel. Let your hair dry and you will notice the shine and bounce of your hair. Thus, beer treatment for hair is cheap, excellent and beneficial too.