Effect Of Divorce On Children

So you’ve made a mistake choosing the wrong person and have pulled off the marriage long enough to the point of suffocation and have decided that it’s about time you move out.

But this does not mean that you can easily leave your family behind without leaving a long lasting effect on them, especially your children. Unless your children are mature enough to understand your need to separate and forgive you for it.

They almost never accept the sudden change in their life and the fact that you won’t be a part of the family anymore. One of the most common effects seen in children who go through a divorce is the under developed social life with the child pulling him/herself away from people little by little.

You can also see a substantial drop in their academic performance as they juggle between the new emptiness in their life along with school life, where, if they are still in grade school, are often bullied about.You can also see a lot of change in their physical health.

If it’s a boy who is now living with his mother, he’d be suddenly put under a lot of pressure of having to take care of his mother. Even though you are perfectly capable of taking care of yourself, as a man, he is subconsciously put under the impression of being the one to take care of you in future which forces him to do his best at everything, be it academically or socially.

Some children begin develop a negative opinion about relationships that, since their parents’ relationship did not work out, people and relationships cannot be really taken for granted. If you happened to have an abusive husband or been one yourself, your child might begin to hate your kind entirely. Or if it so happened that your wife cheated, your child might really begin to hate all women in future.

Most commonly, children feel that they are not loved enough, especially if the reason for divorce had something to do with the child. They go through a heavy guilt of being the reason for you to separate and might even try their hardest to get their parents back together.