Economizing On Your Wedding

financing-a-wedding Wedding is one special occasion, both for the bride and groom, and they would love to celebrate this beginning of a new life with their close friends and family around them. And although, every person dreams of a splendid wedding, our budget constraints may not allow us to fulfill these dreams.

But the good news is that, even without going bankrupt you can make this occasion very special, by adopting a few cost cutting measures. Here are three little tips that can cut down on the cost, without compromising with the happiness and excitement.

Your wedding gown

With the designer clothing taking the lead, it’s tough to find a nice wedding gown at a reasonable price. But internet is one place where you can easily find a great wedding gown at a throwaway price. If you don’t mind wearing a used one, you can find a wide range of wedding gowns on auction sites at a real cheap price.

But even if you want a new one, something that you have already seen that the showroom, just note down its style number and search for it on these auction sites. You will be surprised to see that the same wedding gown is available at nearly half the price. The only thing is that, if you’re planning to buy it from the net, then you need to buy it at least one month in advance so that it reaches you within time.

An economical alternative to a wedding gown is a bridesmaid dress in some white or ivory shade. They are definitely a lot cheaper and make for a great choice if you’re planning on a casual wedding. To make even a simple dress look brilliant, you need to use your own creativity and accessorize it with the right fashion accessories and a good hairdo.

The reception Venue

There’s no point squandering money on high end reception venues, because all you need is to have a good time and that can be had even at the inexpensive wedding venues. Except for the cold winters, the public parks make for a great wedding venue. Also you can consider community centers which can be rented for a real nominal fee. The rest is all about how creative you are and how well can you decorate the place to look superb.

The reception food

If your budget is tight, you don’t really need to organize a detailed sit-down feast, instead look for buffet packages.  Also the latest trend of hosting cocktail parties instead of complete lunch or dinner has become popular, and you can easily do away with serving cocktails and snacks instead of complete meals.

Sidharth Thakur