Eco-Friendly Is The New Fashion Statement

handbags-in-fashion2 Finally, the environmental revolution has made its call on the fashion industry. Although for so many years the fashion industry was a bit reluctant to join this revolution, but now some of the major brands have stepped in with their new range of eco-friendly clothing.

Slowly and gradually the industry as embraced new technology and new manufacturing techniques to produce sustainable environment friendly fabric, which leaves a lot many environmentalists satisfied with the latest fashion trends.

Over the years, quite  lot of people have begun participating in environment related activities and it’s good for the fashion companies to have realized the immense demand for sensitive clothing that doesn’t pollute or damage the environment.

The little fact that can shock you

In the traditional garment industry, the raw material is subjected to nearly 6 to 8 thousand chemicals in order to turn it into textile and the chemical rain doesn’t end there, because a lot many chemicals are used in dying and some other finishing processes, to which the textile is subjected.

For those who believe that cotton is completely an eco-friendly fabric, we’d like to mention that there are tons and tons of chemicals in the form of pesticides and fertilizers that are used to produce commercial quality cotton. And most of these chemicals used in cotton cultivation cause irreversible damage to our environment.

The new wave

A lot many fashion companies have come out with their exclusive range of environment friendly clothing. Also some of the big companies have set up special research and development labs to find out techniques of developing eco-friendly textiles.

Ecolor, which is one of USA’s leading fashion companies, has achieved success in using vegetable dyes for coloring the garments. Similar is the case with one of the Japanese textile company which is using plant extracts to dye its new range of cashmere winter clothing. There are several other companies which have developed environment friendly techniques to produce exclusive fashion without burdening the environment with pollutants.

Time for you to act

You too, at your individual level, can make a big contribution towards the environment by picking up the eco-friendly clothing instead of the regular clothing which is causing a lot of damage to our environment. The price for the eco-friendly clothing may be slightly higher, but that should not be a deterrent because eco-friendly clothing is devoid of all harmful chemicals that can cause health problems and environmental damage.

Sidharth Thakur