Eating Healthy While On a Vacation

When on a vacation the last thing ever that you would want is to fall sick and ruin your vacation. Also it’s no fun going on a vacation and then returning back home with a lot of added fat for which you need to sweat it out every day in the gym.

To begin with, if you’re traveling by plane food is not an issue, for all other modes it’s advisable that you can your own homemade food or snacks as they are certainly healthier and safer than the food being offered in the highway restaurants and cafes. And most importantly don’t forget to carry bottled water with you.  Carrying your own food has got another advantage that you will save on traveling time, since you do not need to stop for food or drinks on the way.

For the hotel room, you can always stock up some healthy snacks such as yogurt, milk, cereals, canned vegetables and fresh fruits. Most of the hotel food is high on fat and low on fiber, so you can always strike a balance in your diet by consuming three to four servings of fresh fruits. Also don’t forget to order for green salad with every meal.

The array of desserts that most hotel menus offer are undoubtedly tempting, but its better if you have the least bit of these sugar loaded health disasters. Get your hands on to some yogurt, muffins or fruits instead. It makes sense to have more of whole grain based foods, as they leave you full for a longer time.fruitsis one reason why most vacations turn into disasters, and to avoid overeating there are two things that can help, one choosing foods which take longer time to digest and two keeping yourself involved in holiday activities.

Keeping yourself hydrated during vacation is another important aspect, as apart from the other health benefits it also protects you from Sun Strokes. And when we say hydration; we’re not talking about adding liquid in the form of alcohol rather taking more juices, milk and water.

And when going out for your treks and other holiday activities, dried nuts are a great snack to carry along.