Eating Healthy on a Budget

Balancing between a tight budget and maintaining a good diet of healthy food is not as easy as it sounds.

This is especially difficult in case of students who end up relying on cheap junk food to save money they earn. But this turns into an expensive affair once the bad quality of food takes a toll on the body and all the money saved gets spent on hospital bill.

But there are certain ways you can manage your healthy diet and yet remain within your budget.

Include more vegetables  One way to make sure you stick to your budget as well as keep the diet healthy is to add a lot of vegetables and pulses in your diet. You can also save a lot of money if you make rice and soups as most of your meals along with glass of good ol’ milk. Eggs, beans and canned fish are other options which are nutrient rich and also fits your small purse.

Know what is cheap – If rice is the cheapest food available in your area, stick to rice and if fish is the cheapest thing in the market around your place, include more sea food.

This is another good trick to make sure you don’t succumb to junk food to stay within your budget. Once you know what’s inexpensive, prepare your diet using these foods. Also remember to keep your nutrients balanced by including all the necessary nutrients and not stick to just one kind of meal.

Frozen food – Frozen food is another very good option as they tend to be cheaper and fresher compared to other food available in the market. So this way you can get cheaper, healthier and fresher food.

Grow a vegetable garden – If you happen to have all the time in the world to maintain one, this can both cut your cost and give you fresh and unadulterated vegetable.

Look for whole food – When you are shopping, make sure you target the whole food than the processed ones as they tend to cost more than the whole food. You can also try using the coupons whenever you get the chance that helps cut cost to a great extent.