Easy Ways to Fight Vaginal Odor

If you feel awkward about the unpleasant odor coming from your vagina, then jumping onto over the counter products for fighting vaginal odor isn’t always the best option. In most cases some changes to the personal hygiene are sufficient to combat vaginal odor. Most of the over the counter products provide temporary relief only and can often lead to several other problems when used for long periods.

So here we have a few simple things that can help you in getting rig of vaginal odor, without subjecting your genitals to any harsh chemical products. Over washing and under washing, of the genital region, both can result in vaginal odor. While you must wash your vaginal region at least once a day, going overboard and washing more than twice can increase vaginal smell instead of decreasing it. Over washing causes two problems, one it damages the delicate tissues of the vagina and two it strips your vagina of its natural lubrication.

And both these result in making the vagina dry, which makes the vagina more suited for the breeding of odor causing bacteria. Also use plain water and a mild soap to cleanse the area, since antibacterial soaps and heavily perfumed ones can dehydrate the vaginal tissues. The second most important ting to do is to replace all your synthetic panties with pure cotton panties. Synthetic fabrics create perfect grounds for the breeding of the odor causing bacteria, as they keep your genitals warm and moist.

On the other hand, cotton, which allows better circulation of air, helps in keeping the area cool and dry. Also, synthetic fibers can irritate the delicate tissues, while cotton panties pose no such threat. Some women experience too much of sweating in their genital regions and the sweat combined with the vaginal discharge makes the odor problem even worst.

For such women it’s advisable to use thin panty pads to absorb and lock in the discharge as well as the sweat, and keep the area dry. You don’t need to wear the pads all the time, use them when you’re going out in hot weather or when you’re heading for a busy day. And do remember to carry a spare one in your bag.