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vampire makeup

vampire makeup Various styles have been entering and reentering the stage of fashion with changing fashion cult. These days the Gothic has made its return. What we mean is, the gothic is not limited to Halloween, but has permeated everyday style as well.

The chief reason behind this is the popularity of the Gothic shows on television or in movies. Shows like True Blood, The Vampire Diaries or movies like the Twilight saga is a recent rage. No wonder, teenagers as well as adults are adopting the Vampire makeup. But this time, this is with a difference. The Vampire make up look is now more wearable and yet, one of the most fashionable. It looks like it would be more popular this winter.

Steps To Do Vampire Makeup

For this look, we have to start with the base make up. But the look is easy to do as we need very few items to complete it. Clean, tone and moisturize your skin properly. Use a moisturizer that suits your skin type. Now, choose a foundation several shades lighter than your skin tone. Since the vampires are the undead, their skin is pale. To avoid a fiasco, if you have warm undertones, the foundation should be warm.

If you have cool, it should be cool as well. With the help of a brush or a make up sponge, dot and blend the foundation thoroughly. To avoid using like a mask, apply it on your ears and neck as well. Do not forget the exposed parts o f your body like the hands and the leg. You must choose a smudge-proof foundation so that it does not smear on your clothing. Now set the foundation with a finishing powder.

vampire eye makeup

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The eyes are crucial to this look as well. We would use liners no less that black, but the look should not be like the traditional gothic makeup. Just draw a thin line following your upper lash line. Then, take a red eye pencil. Since red eye pencils are hard to come by, you can also swap it for your red lip liner.

Gently line your waterline with the red lip liner. Then, with the help of a black eye-pencil, line the lower lash line. The red liner would make your eyes look blood shot like the Vampires. You can also make do with a dark pink liner. But in real life, pink liner would make you look more like you have got conjunctivitis, rather than vampire eyes.

Blush is a product on exile for this look. Pink glow is a flush of health. So, we would suggest you to use a brown blush just for contouring the cheek bones and refrain from the temptation of wearing a colored blush.

The next very important part would be the lips. The beautiful undead are perhaps the most glamorous of all. They have the dark ruby lips. Start with a dark red lip liner. Then, take a matte red lipstick and apply it generously to your lips. We would recommend matte because that would make the look more lifeless yet beautiful in its own terms. Complete it with a generous coat of mascara. You are ready to join the party.

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