Easy Tips to do Dramatic Makeup

dramatic makeup

dramatic makeup Make up is fun not only because it makes you look good, but also because it makes you feel good. However some people may make fun of wearing makeup or be against using them, make up is an art. It involves much of the aesthetic sense as much as painting or any other visual art does.

Also doing it right instead of loading up with colors is not what every other person can do.  Indeed makeup can be more fun if you like to experiment and are confident enough to wear them right.  Dramatic touches would not only make you look more attractive, it would also make you look different from the rest.

If you are the type who like to be the centre of all the attention adding some drama to your make up to stand out of the crowd is the trick for you. For those who are new to makeup, we have a few rules of the thumb to the drama you want.

Easy Tips to do Dramatic Makeup

Start From the Base and Scream out with your Lips

There are so many ways to make your look dramatic. But the essential idea is to highlight one part toning down the others. The first way is the easiest one which even a beginner in make up can do. This is, to wear bright colors on your lips. There is nothing more sensuous than perfect lips which scream out for attention.

Go for a flawless face which is prepared nicely with a good quality foundation or if you do not like to go heavy, select a tinted moisturizer of your choice. Set it with a good setting powder. Keep your eyes understated but do apply at least three coats of mascara.

doing dramatic makeup

Now, the lip shades? bright red, rust, magenta, fuchsia or hot pinks would be your color. To get this right is not very difficult. Get a same shade of lip liner pencil as your lipstick shade. Line your lips carefully with the lip pencil and fill it in to make the lipstick last longer. Now, with a good lip brush, brush on the lipstick. Do not put on a heavy coat at one go, but layer it up going over and over again.


There is another dramatic touch you can do. Instead of doing bright lips , if you are good at blushes, go for lovely healthy cheeks that make people wish to touch them. To have this look keep the other parts understated. For this, a flawless base make up is a must. So, a full coverage foundation and setting powder is a must. You can go for a dewy finish foundation if you really love to see every head turn in your direction.

To emphasize the blush, put of a liquid or a cream blush. After that, dust on a powder blush carefully to make the impact better. But mind; do not be over enthusiastic because in that case instead of being the drama queen you might end up looking like a circus clown.

Mysterious Smokes

The last but not the least would be pairing smokey eyes with nude lips which never fail. So, go out and have fun!!

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