Easy Tips For Beauty At Home

home beauty tips

home beauty tips Beauty at home is perhaps the best way to remain beautiful, graceful and maintain younger looking skin forever. Beauty must exude from within you which mean it’s a global manifestation which includes physical, mental and skin health.

There are thousands of options to get beauty treatments from outside and with beauty products that are available so widely in the markets. These are no doubt very effective and useful but just like charity beauty must begin at home. Without proper beauty at home regime you can never have the best beauty enhancements by just depending on outside products and treatments.

Why Beauty at Home?

Beauty at home means you will be using the most natural products and techniques for your beauty regime. To practice beauty at home you can easily use a number of items from the kitchen or the garden. That’s the best thing about beauty at home.

Beauty at home becomes less expensive with more promising results along with minimum side effects if any at all. You can feel and give your best as you are saved from the hassle of commuting to and fro to get beauty treatment.  Therefore, beauty at home helps you receive the best results possible.

Easy Tips for Beauty at Home

We are ready to spend so much to get rid of that eye puffiness or a blemish or acne and so on. For each problem there will be loads of creams, treatments available and results will be either short term or taking lot of time to surface.

There are so many simple things and remedies available at our home which can be far more effective and promising than any of these artificial chemical products.

For the Eyes

Apply a drop of fresh castor oil on your eyelids and massage them softly; this will remove eye puffiness. Using cucumber slices or cotton pads soaked in milk on your closed eyelids can soothe and cool them after a tiring day. Rose water drops cleanses the eyes and keeps them cool.

Best Beauty Treatments At Home

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For the Lips

Rose petals and milk butter are excellent ways to make your lips soft, smooth and keep dryness away.

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For the Hair

Hair loss can be prevented effectively if you take biotin rich drinks. To keep your hair well set for long hours you must blow dry hot at the roots. Let your hair cool after blow drying for a second if you are curling the ends. After shampooing and applying conditioner add two tablespoons of malt vinegar which should be rinsed off at the end. This will make your hair look shinier and more glowing.

For the Face

The best beauty at home regime for the face is a home facial. If you can find time to give a daily facial or at least twice or thrice a week can be very beneficial for the overall beauty and glow of your face. The most important aspects are cleansing, toning, exfoliating, massaging and moisturizing.

Rice flour mixed with curd can be applied on the face and washed off after few minutes. This deep cleanses the skin pores of oily skin. For dry skin you can use half cup milk mixed with any vegetable oil and cleanse your face with cotton dipped in this mixture. Rose water is the best skin toner and is also quite gentle on the skin. Exfoliation can be done with sugar, salt or baking soda scrubs.

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