Easy Steps to Your Beauty Sleep

Sound sleep can do wonders to your looks, and help the improvement of your overall personality.

This is a lesser known fact but you need a minimum quota of sleep and that is the time when the body cells

get repaired and the hormones that are responsible for maintaining the skin and your overall health are secreted. This amount of time that you spend sleeping is called the beauty sleep.

Given the hectic schedule these days, sleep is not given the preference and due to the lack of it, not only the physical health deteriorates but also the lack of stamina due to ill health directly impacts the mental health and the person starts to suffer from stress and depression. This is why it is not only a suggestion but an advice that requires you to sleep for the amount of time required.

There are many ways to help you sleep soundly. However, the first step to good sleep is discipline. You need to follow a routine and should be regularly sleeping on time; it might be a little difficult in the beginning but if you follow the routine regularly, it will become progressively easier as the body clock will get attuned to it. Here are some more tips to help you get that beauty sleep:

If you have a habit of drinking tea and coffee every few hours, then cut down on the habit. This prevents the sound sleep that you need. Take some stress and hit the sack at the end of the day.

The bedding matters. Do not hold yourself back when you have to purchase something for that sound sleep. It must not be uncomfortable in any manner. Also, get pillows in cotton.

Every day before going to sleep, unwind yourself. Start with a warm shower and let your body and the muscles relax. 10 minutes into the shower and you will feel all the strain having worn off. Cleanse your face, brush your teeth and your hair. Feel good about the time you have to go to bed. Sleep will come easily.

Music helps, listen to light ambient music or white noise. Helps you sleep easy.

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