Easy Steps To Style Your Hair Like Bella Swan

Easy Steps To Style Your Hair Like Bella Swan

Easy Steps To Style Your Hair Like Bella Swan Every teenager would most likely know Bella Swan; she is the lead character of Stephanie Mayer’s book series, Twilight. Bella is a very simple girl, hence her styling is very simple as well, and she is not into makeup and styling, much.

The character of Bella is played by Kristen Stewart, in the movie based on the book Twilight. All girls remain highly inspired by the lead character Bella’s style, if you too are a fan of Bella’s hairstyle then here are few simple ways by which you can get the same hair style that you saw in the movie.

Grow Your Hair

If you happen to have a bob cut or any short hairstyle, then it wouldn’t be possible for you to have this style, to get this style, the first thing you’d have to do is to grow your hair. Bella has her hair grown a little below her shoulders, just above her breast. Since the Bella has slightly wavy hair and if you do not have that kind of texture of your hair, then you might need to curl them artificially, which means they will get shorter once you’d curl them, so if your hair are straight then grow them at least until your bikini line.

Get That Color

The character of Bella has mahogany hair; this color would give you a tinge of red in sunlight. Therefore if you have black or blond hair then you will have to color them first.

Get The Waves

Bella’s hair is not straight. They are a bit wavy towards the end. Now there are many ways, by which you get the waves. The first way can be that you use a mixture of sea salt and cup of plain water to damp your hair a little. This way you’d get sort of waves in your hair. After you have done that, get your curling iron heated. Once it is done by taking a section of about 1 inch and then curling the hair over the rod. Then hold it like that for about 10 seconds. After you have got the curls, just let them fall loose, and let them loose the heat from the curling.

Get The Shine In Your Hair

After the curls cool off, brush your fingers through them slightly so that they open up a little, but don’t get them completely straight, because if your natural texture is straight, then chances are that the curls will begin to open by themselves in sometime but you don’t want that, so you would have to be very careful while brushing the fingers through the curls.

To get the shine in the hair, take some shining serum on the tips of your fingers, and apply them on the lower ends where you have waves in your hair so that the waved hair doesn’t look burnt and dull. After this you can also add few accessories to your hair, and you are ready to rock it.