Easy Steps To Help A Baby Latch To A Breast

Easy Steps To Help A Baby Latch To A Breast

Easy Steps To Help A Baby Latch To A Breast The proper positioning of the newborn infant to the mother’s breast allowing milk to gush down its throat while being easy on the nipples may be quite a tricky and frustrating experience at the same time. The first milk for the baby is called colostrum; it is yellowish colored milk that is vital for the infant.

It develops immunity and fortifies the baby for life against various infections and diseases. In consideration to these factors it is very important to get the infant to latch on the breast in the right way so that the complete goodness of the milk can be introduced in its body in a proper way. Here we enumerate how you can help a baby latch onto the breast naturally.

Steps To Help A Baby Latch To A Breast

The Right Position

Most of the areola of the breast remains within the mouth of the baby while suckling. The tip of the nipple goes near the baby’ neck region and the gums are moved while pressing on the area on the root of the nipple which helps the infant draw out milk with the help of the tongue.

The Right Position For Mother While Breastfeeding

Mother needs to be comfortable while breastfeeding the infant since it is not something which is for a very short duration. A sitting may last for a minimum of one hour or even more since the baby sleeps off while suckling and again starts after some rest. Sitting upright is the best position for you with lot of support for the back, legs and hands. Use pillows to prop up yourself as well as the baby. In order to get it near the breast place the baby on a pillow.

Prime The Baby For Nursing

Lot of skin contact is necessary for the baby to understand your signal. First ensure that the baby is wide awake and not crying before nursing. Now touch it and talk gently and soothingly so that you have its full attention. Place the baby on the pillow on your lap and position it in such a way that its head is on the crook of your elbow, its little body across the length of your arms and its lower body in the palm of hands.

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Shift the baby towards your stomach so that its arms are caught between both your bodies and the mouth naturally reaches the nipple. You may also circle a soft blanket around the baby’s body to stop its arms and legs from flailing.

Latching The Baby to The Breast

Moisten the nipple tip with the milk; now cup the breast in hand so that the palm and fingers give support from below and the thumb positions from above. Just let the areola region remain free. As soon as the nipple reaches the baby’s mouth it will be opened. Wait for it to open to the widest. Cajole the baby or show it with the right expression how to do it properly. When it’s done to your satisfaction let it latch on and suckle. However, if you experience pain then get the nipple out and start over again.