Easy Steps To Do Body Bleaching

Easy Steps To Do Body Bleaching

Easy Steps To Do Body Bleaching Sometimes ungainly spots appear on our body surface due to hyperpigmentation, freckles, aging and melasma. In these situations, bleaching your body to even out the color tone seems a necessity.

Hydroquinone, an organic compound typically used in depigmentation needs to be topically applied. You may visit a dermatologist who will prescribe this compound; conversely you can yourself buy its lower concentration varieties over the counter. Hydroquinone needs to be applied twice a day till expected results are achieved. Generally, noticeable changes occur within a month.

If even after three months you don’t get the desired results or condition worsens, you should abandon its application and immediately consult a dermatologist for necessary treatments.

Steps To Do A Complete Body Bleaching

Collect Materials

For this procedure you will need hydroquinone along with sunblocks, moisturizer, cleanser and soap. Keep them all near at hand before you begin the procedure. Things should proceed in an orderly manner if full benefit is required. Having all the necessary ingredients near at hand not only saves your time but it also doesn’t let you forget any step which may turn crucial for the final outcome.

Application of Cleanser

Your skin needs to be initialized for the coming onslaught. First step is thorough cleaning. Use warm water with mild soap to completely clean off the area follow this with a cotton ball dipped in cleanser. Once clean let the surface to dry off completely.

Use Hydroquinone

Apply a thin layer of the cream on the area affected using your fingers. Spread it out evenly. However, care must be taken not to use the bleach on areas where the skin is free of uneven pigmentation.

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Clean Your Hands

No traces of the hydroquinone cream should remain on your fingers. Ensure this by using a mild soap with lukewarm water. Your hands should be completely free of the cream before you may proceed to the next phase.

Apply Moisturizer

Wait for some time before you apply moisturizers to the treated surface. Take care not to apply any type of harsh product since it may interfere with your complete bleach. Moisturize thoroughly with a good quality moisturizer before finishing it off with the application of sunblocks. Make it a habit of using sun proofs like SPF creams, umbrella and hats to ward off hyper or uneven pigmentation in future.

Points to Remember

If you are using hydroquinone for the first time it is important to test it for allergic reactions before you actually use it. Apply a small amount on the surface you need to lighten up. Examine it again after the application in 24hours. If you observe any signs of redness or itching, the product is not suitable for your skin. Discontinue it immediately.

This product is not to be used during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Also, avoid its coming in contact with sensitive areas like the ENT. While bleaching, exposure to sunlight or tanning beds may be damaging for your skin. To sum it up if you have even the slightest doubt regarding your own capabilities, it is a better idea to engage a professional rather than trying it yourself.

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