Easy Steps for Feet Exfoliation

Most of the times we do not consider exfoliating feet at home, and then it tends to become a pending task.

Hence, the method of exfoliating your feet is explained below so that whenever you have time at hand, you can exfoliate your feet yourself.

Buy a foot spa tub- if you are a perfectionist and want everything done the right way, using the right procedures. If you do not have a foot spa tub, then any container will do where you can soak your feet in comfortably.

Fill the container with warm water and ensure that the water is not very hot. Then add milk to this basin of warm water and let it be one sixth of the total water content. Put your feet in the water for at least 20 minutes. The lactic acid in the milk is a natural exfoliating agent and also provides nourishment that will help nurture the skin of your feet.

In about 20 to 25 minutes of your feet immersed in the milk water mixture, the feet will have become very soft. Take your feet out of the water and use a soft towel to pat the feet dry.

Make a mixture using sea salt, sugar or crushed nut powder. This mixture has been made keeping in mind that it will be used to scrub the feet and hence has to be granulated. This will also not corrode the skin as the contents are completely natural. Once the mixture is prepared, use it to massage your feet.

Take a little mixture in the fingers and massage your feet moving in a circular motion, paying special attention to extra rough spots on the heels and big toes. Rub more vigorously in the areas that are rough as the accumulation of dead skin cells is in the highest concentration in these areas and it is only with extra rubbing that the whole skin can be cleared.

After the feet have been scrubbed thoroughly, rinse the feet in plain water and again pat them dry. Apply foot cream, if you plan to go to bed or non greasy moisturizer and socks, if you are heading out.