Easy Steps For Being Hygienic

Easy Steps For Being Hygienic

Easy Steps For Being Hygienic Being hygienic does not involve one or two steps of cleanliness or tidiness. Hygiene is a very extensive term and many types of tasks have to be done for remaining perfectly hygienic. Many changes in daily routines and practice have to be made for maintaining good hygiene.

Through little care, these steps can be meticulously followed. It should be understood that standards of hygiene may vary for different people. However, purpose of being hygienic is same, which is to promote good health and prevent different types of disorders and diseases.

Maintaining proper hygiene ensures that a person feels and looks better. Hygienic person is also accepted by others easily. On the other hand, if a person has bad odor or bad breath, he may be neglected by others.

Steps for Being Hygienic

First of all, changes in the routines related to head and face have to be made for being hygienic. Brushing the teeth is absolutely necessary for avoiding different types of teeth and gum disorders and bad breath. Many people brush teeth in the morning only. This is not a good practice. Teeth should be brushed two to three times in a day.

After brushing the teeth, mouth should be rinsed with water for five to six times. Cleaning the tongue is as important as brushing the teeth. Some tooth brushes contain ridges for cleaning tongue. Tongue cleaners are also easily available at drug and departmental stores. Cleaning of tongue prevents infections as well as bad breath. Flossing also helps in removing solid particles from the tongue and in freshening breath.

Taking care of face is also necessary for being hygienic. Using good quality cosmetic products does not mean that face is being taken care of perfectly. Face must be washed two times in a day. If face is oily, it may be washed three times a day. While washing the face, sleep, which gathers in the corners of eyes, should be effective washed. This provides a tidier look to the face. Before going to bed at night, all the foundation and eye makeup should be removed.

It has been observed that while sneezing or coughing, people do not cover their mouth. This is not a good practice. Some people also call it as ‘ill manners’. While sneezing or coughing, either mouth should be covered with a handkerchief or should be turned away from other people. This prevents diseases and infections from spreading. If parents adopt these measures, children would automatically follow these.

Hands should be avoided for covering the mouth, as bacteria may gather on it and spread infection to some other person. Even if hands have been used, they must be washed immediately. For being hygienic and looking good, it is also necessary that hairs are washed regularly. Otherwise, not only their texture can change but also these may contain an odor that is not liked by other. Itching occurs frequently in such hairs, which really destroys the looks. While going out, hairs must be combed or brushed properly. Many people go out with their hairs unkempt, which provide bad looks.

taking bath daily

Like head and face, body should also be cleaned regularly. Thus, a person must take bath or shower daily. It has been observed that people do not take bath regularly in winters. They think that not taking bath daily does not make any difference. They wash their face, comb their hairs and go out. It is to be understood that body has an odor and if it is not washed daily, it may smell. Smelling people are never liked by others and rather, they are avoided.

It is also necessary that after taking bath, deodorant is used. While taking bath also, deodorizing soaps should be used. Deodorant provides good fragrance to the body, which is helpful in attracting other people. People who use to sweat due to any reason must use deodorants invariably for preventing bad smell of sweat. An underarm antiperspirant can also be used for preventing wet spots on the clothes.

It has also been observed that some people use cologne or perfume for preventing bad body odor. However, over-application of these should be avoided. This is because there are many people who are allergic to perfumes and colognes. If excessive quantities of these are used, it may lead to allergic reactions in them. Thus, people may not like to get close in future for avoiding these reactions. For having a subtle fragrance, small quantity of perfume can be dabbed on wrists and neck.

For maintaining good personal hygiene, it is also necessary that hands are washed every time after using bathrooms and before eating. This prevents infections. After washing, hands should be dried with clean towel or blow-air drier. For washing hands, soap should be used. After eating also, hands and mouth should be washed. This provides cleaner looks. If good hygiene is not maintained while using bathrooms, infections occur regularly. This may weaken the immune system.

After going to toilet, hands should be washed with soap.  Perfectly cleaned nails enhance looks of a person. Fingernails as well as toenails should be clipped and cleaned at least once in a week. If growth of nails is fast, these may be cleaned twice in a week. In no case, tips of nails should look dirty. Perfectly cleaned nails also help in preventing infection.  Looks of a person are determined greatly by the clothes worn. For being hygienic and having good looks, it is essential that clothes are washed and changed regularly.

It is not necessary that after using once, clothes must always be washed. If these have to worn for few hours only and are clean, they can be worn again. Trousers or jeans may be worn for few times before washing, but shirts should be washed after every use. Similarly, socks must be washed after every use. Undergarments must be washed daily or after one usage. This prevents infection. If clothes have become wet due to sweat, these must be washed before wearing again. Similarly, if they have been stained due to any reason, these must be washed before using. This provides tidier and acceptable looks.