Easy Steps For Applying Cream Blush

Applying Cream Blush

Applying Cream Blush One of best blush types that can make a woman look attractive is cream blush. One of biggest benefits of cream blush is that it remains applied on skin for hours together and thus, no regular touch ups are necessary.

Another benefit of cream blush is that it can be effectively used for getting more intense look. It has been observed that most of women stick to powder blush only, as they are not aware of right techniques of applying cream blush. In some cases, women may not use cream blush as they have become habitual of using powder blush. But when effects of both types of blush are compared, cream blush scores much higher than powder brush.

Easy Steps for Applying Cream Blush

Learning right technique to apply cream blush is easy. There are basically three ways in which cream blush can be applied on face. These are applying by hands, applying by makeup sponge and applying by foundation brush. A woman can use any of these three ways for enhancing apples of cheeks.

Applying cream blush by hands is one of easiest ways of applying this beauty product. First of all, two fingers are placed onto the compact containing cream blush. This retrieves little quantities of cream blush for application. It should be remembered that large quantities of cream blush are not applied by hands at once. Rather, little quantities are taken each time and applied on face.

If needed, more quantities of blush can be added later on. After retrieving some blush, two fingers are tapped on cheeks and blush is applied by making gentle movements. Cream blush is also applied on cheek bone and on any other place where a woman wants to apply it. Color of blush is blended by tapping the fingers continuously on cheeks until desired look is obtained.

If makeup sponge is to be used for applying cream blush, it is very necessary that new or clean sponge is used. Some women also use same sponge for months together for applying blush. This should be avoided as it can lead to certain types of skin imperfections. Many beauty experts feel that sponge should be discarded after two or three applications.

For applying, sponge is dipped into cream blush and is removed when required quantities of blush get adhered to it. Like in case of application by fingers, excessive quantities of cream blush should be avoided in starting. Sponge containing blush is tapped lightly on cheeks and other parts of face as desired. Sponge is tapped continuously on apples of cheeks and cheek bones until desired looks are obtained.

Foundation brush is also used for applying cream blush. Many estheticians believe that cream blush provides best looks when it is applied through soft foundation brush. For application, foundation brush is run across the compact so as to retrieve little quantity of cream blush.

It is then brushed gently along the face. Strokes are made by brush over apples of cheeks in the same manner as are made for painting a picture. Edges of blush should be blended well with surrounding areas for getting natural look. Most of the actions in this method of applying cream blush are same as are performed in applying powder blush through foundation brush.

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