Easy Options To Deal With Unwanted Hair At Home

The problem of unwanted hair, on areas such as legs, arms, and face and bikini region, is faced by nearly every woman, and while a lucky few can afford permanent hair removal treatments most others have to rely on temporary hair removal methods. And the easiest and the most widely used temporary hair removal method is that of waxing.

While there are a lot many women who would not do much about body hair, still facial hair is one thing that no woman would find acceptable. There are lots and lots of alternatives to removing unwanted hair, like plucking, threading, shaving, waxing, using epilators, hair removal creams, electrolysis and laser hair removal. Also, women who do not wish to remove the unwanted hair can fall back on using beaches to make the hair less prominent.

If using harsh chemicals to remove hair is not something that pleases you, think of natural hair removal methods such as making your own homemade wax with sugar, honey and lemon juice, or you could try using a mixture of lemon juice and chamomile tea to bleach your hair.

Talking of various gadgets and cosmetic products that are available in the market, to carry out a self hair removal at home, there’s only one thing I would like to mention that there is a truly splendid range of products to choose from. Here’s a little peek at some of the more common options.

•    Depilatory creams: these are a blend of strong chemicals which dissolve the hair that is outside the skin and it finds increased acceptance for removing hair around the bikini region.

•    Hair bleaches are mostly used to lighten the hair color of the facial hair so as to make them less visible.

•    Waxing is quite an effective method to remove hair from the arms and legs, however for the face and the bikini area it can be a little painful.

•    Shaving is quite a good method to remove hair instantly, however using razors normally leads to the hair growth becoming thicker and the skin turning darker.

•    Epilator is a small electric device that helps in pulling out the hair with its root, and you enjoy freedom from body hair for a longer period.

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Sidharth Thakur